Pehle nafrat phir dosti aur pyar (Episode 1)

hi guys its me khushi with a new episode of my ff pehle nafrat phir dosti aur pyar….

scene 1 in birla family
dadi: pratima , iam so happy , becoz yuv is coming today r8 ? after 3 months . last time he escaped from my request i told him to get married but he didnt listen me but this time i wont leave him
pratima: ha maaji , this time v should not leave him , rags and bhavna u should compile him for marriage.u r his bhabhis and u have the right
menka: mummy ji , y u r not saying my name iam also his bhabhi right??
pratima: meri pyari bachi u r like his small sis and u also can talk to him about marriage.
maaji , u saw a girl yesterday right ?? how was she??
dadi: she is nice , her name is priyanka we can go and meet her tmrw with yuv
yuv came to house he hugged dadi , pratima etc
dadi: beta tmrw we need to go and meet a girl for u

yuv: as gf oh thank u dadi
dadi: shut up . as ur patni
yuv: whar me and marriage no way
dadi: iam sure u will like this girl
yuv: ok we will see
scene 2 in shivasthav house
lata: suhani enough , now dont put so much make up
suhani: mamma u know i dont use makeup but just kajal i love kajal
lata : ok ok , i need to say u something i need to get u married its my and papa’s decision
suhani: but mamma y so fast
lata: beta pls mana math karna
suhani: ok but i have some condition now iam working as computer engineer after marriage also i wont leave my job and i wont change my name iam suhani shivasthav thats it

scene 3
yuv saw priyanka but he didnt like her
dadi: yuv , y u didnt like her she was a nice girl r8??
yuv: no she was not , she was asking me so many questions like do i have gf and all
dadi: but yuv
yuv: no ur choice is not good
he went out with his car suddenly it get colledate with a scooty,
that girl in the scooty has covered her face with shawl
yuv: hey u , cant u see and drive anyway keeep this money for ur scooty repair he ent by saying this suddenly
suh: hey u , samjthe kkhya ho apne aapo ko??
yuv tturned and saw her face he was mesmerized to see her face, her big eyes pink lips while luking at him suhani was about to fall but yuv catched her , her chain get stuck with his shirt and it broke
yuv: i gave u money thats it
suh: who the hell r u to talk to me in such a way i dont want u r monry keep it with u
yuv was shocked she went by saying this so many girls were around him they said: he was thinking that he is a romeo now that girl just rocked
yuv in anger: who ever it is i wont leave her
yuv went back to home and menka saw chain on his shirt and shouted: DADI
dadi: what happened menka
menka: see yuv bhayyas shirt

dadi saw the chain at it was in heart shape
dadi: yuv what is this whose it is
yuv: dadi iam tired i just want to take rest for some time
she opened that heart pendant and saw lata and pankaj pic in one side and the otherside was blank
dadi: lagta he ki yeh usi ladki ki pentant hey jisse yuv pyar karti he aur lagta hey ki yeh udki maa baab hai anyway i will find out this girl…..

scene 4
while going for shopping dadi saw lata and pankaj she told that she want their daughter as his grandson’s wife
pankaj: actually even iam checking for a gud guy for my daughter , better u come to my home with ur grandson
next day
dadi pratima bhavna rags menka and yuv came to pankaj house lata gave snACKS to them
pankaj: i know u guys r very rich but there is one thing my daughterb have some conditions she is a computer engineer now so she just want to continue it she dont want to be a house wife and after marriage she doesnt like to change her name
yuv : who is this girl , getting married to yuv birla is itself a big luck but this girl anyway i wont agree for this marriage
dadi: yuv shut up dont talk to elders in this manner iam sorry pankaj
pankaj : its ok if he doesnt like my daughter means no problem
suddenly suhani came in a red red saree it was a modern saree she was luking damn pretty in that dress, yuv was shocked to see her
yuv: tum
suh: tum , suhani walk fastly to him and she was about to fall yuv catches her her touched her waist and by mistake he broke her waist chain

dadi: yuv , what happened let us go
yuv: uncle iam sry for my behaviour and i just want to say u that i love ur daughter, everyone got shocked
suh: see MR u cannot say like that u have to think and taek a decision marriage is not a game
yuv uncle one min can i talk to her alone
pankaj: ok u can
suh and yuv went to garden
suh: y u r not at all serious about u r life ?? see it is not good within one min u decided that iam ur wife
yuv: ya so what i love u and ours r ready for our marriage so what is ur prob
suh: but mr sadu kumar
yuv: what did u call me??
suh: sadu kumar becoz i dont know ur name

yuv: ok my name is yuvraj birla and dont call me sadu kumar
suh: y , y cant i call actually this name really suits u saduuuuuuuu
yuv hold her close and looked at her eyes and said now call me sadu
suhani was nervous
yuv : now say do u love me or not
suh: i , i…
yuv: yes u love me now iam ready for marriage i promise u i wont hurt u
suh: ok now let us go inside infront of everyone i willsy my decision
pankaj: suhani beta pls say yes we both fa,mily r really happy with thsi proposal pls beta
suh: wait papa my decision is …. iam ready for the marriage
in happiness yuv lifted suhani everyone get shocked a eye lock between yuvani…

precap: a very big twist

so guys thats all about today’s episode pls add comments and a big thanks to farhat , komal sontani and NAPSHaJ becoz of u guys iam continuing this so pls add comments and suggestion i request all silent readers to comment as it a encouragment and one more thing any guesses about tmrw big twist

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