Pehle nafrat phir dosti aur pyar (Episode 3)

hi guys its khushi 4 a new episode of pnpdap thanks for ur comments
today is sangeet
in shvasthav house
lata: suhani beta , go and get ready fast today is ur sangeet
suh: haa ma
lata: what happened ? r u not happy?
suh: no no nothing like that
lata: u know beta , ur papa was really happy that u r getting ur soul mate , v knowthat he will take care of u
suhani in mind: kanha ji what i do? iam marrying him just 4 my mummy pappa

in birla house
pratima: maaji at last i got a nice girl for my yuvraj iam so happy
dadi: even iam happy
ragsmenbhavna: even we

in yuvraj’s room
saurab: hey yuvi just see this dress how is it u have to wear this u liked it r8?
yuv: ha bhayya
sharad: yuvi dont worry within 2 days ur love will come to home
anuj: bhayya these 2 days just enjoy this will be ur last 2 days as a bachler
yuv: ok now u guys just go i will get ready

in a party hall

birla’s came , saurab is staring at rags as she lukes damn pretty. sharad went near bhavna amd said: u luk so hot today
bhavna: shut up bhe sharam
anuj went near menka and said: menka snake
menka: oh no where?
on that time he kissed on cheeks menka blushes .
shivasthav are coming. suhani is wearing a beautiful laacha in red and black colour yuv saw suhani he got mesmerized seeing her, suh saw yuv he was luking so handsome . they both luk in each other eyes , suddenly suhnai slips yuvraj hold her by her waist on that time her dori get broken but she didnt notice that
sharad: guru apna romance band karo sangeet shuru hone wala hai
suhani walked infront of yuv he saw her dori is open
yuv: oh no ,suhani
suh: what
yuv: ur , ur..
suh: what , u r crazy iam going while going yuv took her hands hy holding her mouth andwent inside a dark room he locked the door
suh got nervous

suh: what r u doing ?
yuv came closer to her
suh: hey pass math aana iam karatte black belt
yuv: hey miss jahnsi ki rani iam helping u and ur shouting at me
suh: dont cracke joke , u wont help anyone
yuv: first listen to me
suh: ok say
yuv: tumhare showroom kule hua hai
suh: what , just check to u r dress’s back string
suh touched her back
suh: oh no now what i will do
yuv: u do what ever u want iam going out
suh: hey mr sadu help me
yuv: ok i will help but u have to request
suh: what , okok yuvraj sir pls help me
yuv: ok what help u need
suh: i need a thread and needle

yuv went out and gave her that
suh: actually now u go out i need to remove my dress and stich it
yuv: no prob i will stand here
suh: u get out sudenly she saw a cockroch
suh: cok, cock she went and hugged him yuv lifted her she was in his arm in fear she closed her eyes yuvraj stares at her saaware plays…
suh: did cockroch go?
yuv: ya
she came down
yuv: i will wait outside
suh: nono thsi room is so scary , u be here only pls
yuv: ok
suddenly light in that room got off
suh got scared yiv lightened one candle eyelock between yuvani
suh but how can i changed infront of u
yuv: i will turn that side
suh: but still
yuv asked her to hold candle he removed his shirt
suh: hey what r u doing she got really nervous he came close to her and said: u wear this and stich ur dress after that give it back to me
suh: ok

yuv turned near wall and kept candle near on table he could see her shadow she stiched her dress she removed his shirt and wore her dress yuv saw that she was struggling to tie her doli and necklace he asked: can i help u?
suhani didnt reply yuv came near suhani khwahison pe likhi plays… he moved her hair in one shoulder while tieing the knot it was a bit tickling 4 suhani next he took the necklace and that hook was not tighed he bit his teeth his lips touched suhani’s neck she closed her eyes yuv turned her towards him he came near he neck and he was about to kiss her neck suudenly sharad: guru kaha ho tum?
both of them regain thier consious
suh and yuv came out
sangeet program started
rags and saurab danced on the song tere hath me mera hath ho while dancing saurab kissed rags hands and she got shy
bhavna and sharad danced on the song ishq waala love while dancing he said i love u bhavna secretly
anuj menka danced on the song dilli wale girl friend atlast he lifted her
and atlast everyone said yuv suhani to dance they danced on the song gerua while dancing yuv kissed on suh ears and touched her waist at last he lifted her
at last everyone dance for song manma emotion jaaaga

precap : mehandi

hope u guys liked today’s episode pls add comments and suggestion

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  1. Khushi I’m in love with ur ff.. Update the next epi fast..
    And one more thing.. In every epi, it shows epi-1.. It seems u forget to edit..

    1. Oh ya I forgot

  2. Great ff!!!

  3. V. Nice episode ?

  4. This is really good! i enjoy this! and yh like NapshaJ said ur title keeps sayin epi1

  5. superb.. pls continue ur ff. am really happy to read keep it up.. pls more happy scenes less sad scenes

  6. Supper… its like I am really waching this episode

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  8. u know i read today epi 2 times its very nice and truly its is awsome .
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