Pehle nafrat phir dosti aur pyar (Episode 2)

hi guys its me khushi for a new episode of pnpdap, a big thanks to all comments thank u 4 ur encouragment….

scene 1 in birla house
dadi: pratima we can set marriage on 10 feb so tmrw is sangeet
pratima: did their family agree?
dadi: yes
rags : oh no mummy ji now we have to start all the preparation
bhavna: food i will manage
rags: complete decoration i will manage

menka: i will arrange dress and jewellary
pratima: iam really lucky that i got such good daugter in laws . they all hugged each other
yuv comes to hall
dadi: yuv i have a happy news 4 u
menka: yuv bayya after hearing that dont lift anyone of us , everyone laughed
yuv: what say na
pratima: beta kal tumara sangeet hai
yuv: KYA?
pratima: what happened beta??
yuv: nothing , i just wanna meet my friend bye

scene 2
yuv calling suhani ,
yuv: suhani mujhe tume milna hai, pls come to lover’s park
suhani: ok
suhani comes to park and she saw so many balloons there suhani love balloons ,she took on of the balloon , she saw one handsome boy coming near that was none other than yuv
suh: yuv, y nobody is here , this is a park r8?
yuv: today this park is just for me and u
suh: r u mad??
yuv: yes , iam mad in love
suh: chup kar mr sadu

yuv: dont call me sadu i dont like it
suh: acha , sadu sadu sadu by saying this she ran fast , yuv run behind her suddenly rain comes both of them got wet actually suhani was wearing a modern salwar were waist part is just net so after getting wet he could see her baren skin , yuv hold her close and was about to kiss suddenly she pushed him and said: i dont like that
yuv: ofoo suhani be romantic u studied in abroad right?
suh: so what , but still i cant accept such things by saying this she walked away suddenly a piece of glass hurt her leg , she fall down
yuv: suhani , kya hogaya tume ??
suh: cant u see ?? now just help me
yuv: but how can i ??
suh: just lift me na , i cant walk

yuv : ok as u wish
he lifted her a romantic eyelock between them he kept her in a beautiful chair he took that piece of glass and covered her wound with his towel
he came closer to suhani , she got nervous he rubbed the water droplets on her lips
yuv: pls show ur hands , suhani showed her hands to him he took he hands and put a beautiful diamond ring
suh: yuv ?? this is really expensive right?? y did u buy this for me
yuv: u r going to be my wife right? and i thought this will make u happy
suh: if u give a rose flower that also can make me happy
yuv: u used to watch so many movies right??
suh: ya how u know??
yuv: u r taliking such filmy dialouges right?
suh: yuvraj aaj me tume chodunga nahi

suh ran behind him and suh fall on yuv eyelock yuv touched her face softly then both of them got up suh was about to leave yuvraj catched her hands then slowly her shoulder her neck and then her face at last he came near her ears and said I,I hate u then he moves back and said: what did u think?? me the yuvraj birla will love a middle class girl like u apart from that i will marry u then he catched her hands and broke her bangles she cried in pain
suhani ‘s eyes was filled with tears
yuv: ms suhani shivasthav so that is yuvraj birla who is beyond ur thoughts suddenly suhani slaped him

suh: mr yuvraj birla , samjthe kya ho tum apne aap ko?? u r the most cruel person whom i have ever seen in my life , and what do u think by doing this u won , no no mr yuvraj birla u r a looser becoz 4 hurting me u r hurting ur whole family ur maa dadi bhai bhabhi etc and even i dont want to marry a demon like u i hate u
yuv: i will cancel this marriage
suh: u cancel but if anything happened to my dad means remember i wont leave u]
yuv: what u mean?
suh: my father got minor heart attack thats y he want me to get married fast ,so if he got to know about this means
yuv: even my mom wont forgive me for this so what we will do
suh: i dont know now iam leaving by crying she went
yuv: suhani wait , we both will get married
suh: what r u mad ?? we dont love each other so what is meaning of this marriage
yuv: let me complete , we will get married just for our family for nothing is bigger than my family , r u reeady for this?
suh: yes just 4 my parents , but in this i wont love u
yuv: even i cant love a girl like u

by saying this both of them went in differnt way
suhani pov
kanha ji , yeh kya horaha he hamare saath ? just before 15 min i loved one person i really wish to have him as my life partner but now , now i just hate him more than anything khwahison pe likhi plays… i loved him with my heart but he just want to hurt me she said this by luking at her hands
yuvraj pov
y , y should i marry her actually yesterday when i saw her i couldnt see anything otherthan her eyes but y i hate her now i have to marry her , he reminices their romantic moments. does she really loves me
khwahison pe likhi plays….

precap: sangeet

spoiler yuvani marriage and their romantic nok jhok

so thats all about today’s episode pls add comments and suggestion like before …

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