Pehla Pehla Pyaar Hai – (OS) By AngelAshu

Hello Friends..!!
This is AngelAshu
I came with another OS for u all..
Its my 13th OS..
Actually my friends want a story like..
Sanskar be with swara always..
I mean each and every moment they together..!!
So, am here to full fill their wish..
Thanx a lot for supporting me..!!
So, with out any other discussion am starting OS..
So, just have a little Introduction & Prologue here..



Sanskar Maheshwari: Loveable Person.. Loves & cares his family.. Handsome Young Men, successful businessman in 2 years.. Understandable person.. Responsible too..

Swara Gadodia: Doing Masters Final year, always happy with which she have, loves & cares her family, good heart & good nature.. Sweet & soft..
Cute & bubbly.. Responsible & lovable..



This is the story about one couple.. Who loves each other unconditionally..
And living happily together..
With love, care, Angry (angry also love), cute argues.. Etc etc..
How destiny meets them..?
How destiny makes they fall for each other..?
How they living happily together..?
How much they loves each other..?
To know these all.. Go ahead in ur reading..!!


So, Let’s Start my 13th OS #Pehla_Pehla_Pyaar_Hai

It was a special evening..
Cool Weather.. Little breeze going on..
Birds going to their homes happily..
Seems like near Sunset time..

Its a place of river side..

One handsome boy stood by his knees passing his palm to one beautiful girl who stood in front of him..
Ofcourse he proposing her..
They are non other Swara & Sanskar only..

Sanskar: (passing his palm to her) ” Swara.. I don’t know when I fallen for u.. But u became my life now.. I donno y I fallen for u.. But u became my breath now.. I can’t prove my love.. Coz my love is my love.. Its not provable.. But if u gave me a chance surely I can show how much I love u..

My eyes want to see u always.. My mouth want to talk about u always.. My mind want to think about u always.. My heart want to beat for u always.. I love u swara.. I love u more than me.. Will u give me a chance to became ur life partner..? Will u marry me swara..?”

She just listening him lovingly..
One blessed smile existed on her lips..
Which increasing her beauty more..

And here he is in desperation to listen her answer..

Sanskar: (cute face) Swaraaa.. Please tell me na.. Tell me ur answer..

Swara: (cute face) aur bolo na Sanskar.. Achi lagti hai.. (Smiles)

Sanskar: “ur kind of nature.. Ur innocence.. Ur care.. Ur masti did magic on me.. Am not liking me nowadayz.. I just wanna be with u only.. Coz I love u.. I love u.. I love u..” (Interrupted)

Before he tell more..

Swara: (places her palm in his palm & holds) I Love U Too…
He stood with a bright smile..
She hugs him
He hugs back
Swara: (feeling his embrace) I love u too.. Kab se wait kar rahi hu tere liye.. I know u loves me..
Sanskar: u know..?
Swara: (broke hug) yes..
Sanskar: how..? Maine aajtak kabhi bola tak nhi tum se..
Swara: (smiles) budduuu..!! Tere muh chupa sakte hai.. Tere Ankhein nahi..!!
Ur eyes always shows love for me..

(Swara & Sanskar are friends.. Now they expressed their feelings for each other)

Sanskar places a soft kiss on her back palm..

Sanskar: kabhi mjse door mat jaana..
Swara: My kyu jaungi..? (Innocently)
Sanskar: Kya pata kal kaise situation aayega..? Kya hoga..?
Before he speak more she places her palm on her mouth..
Swara: kal k wajah se mje tum se door Jana pade.. Aise koi kal mje nhi chahiye.. I just wanna be with u forever..
He smiles and hugs her..

Sanskar: u know what.. I brought something for u..!!
Swara: whattt..
Sanskar: (passing one packet to her) see..
Swara opens that packet..
Swara: (exited) waooo Sanskar.. Its beautiful saree.. I love red colour..
Sanskar: even mee too..
Swara: but ye kyu..
Sanskar: its for the next day of our wedding..
Swara: waooo Mr. Maheshwari.. Kya baat hai.. Tum mje propose karne aaya ho ya shadi k muhrat bataane k liye aaya ho..?
Sanskar: of course propose karne..
Swara: mean.. U donno I will accept or not.. Then ye (pointing saree) after wedding k planing kaisi..?
Sanskar: kyu k mje pta ta.. U will accept my love..
Swara: how..? R u antaryami..?
Sanskar: no.. No.. Am not.. But I have 100% trust on my love.. U will surely accept.. Aaj ho ya kal.. Am only urs..
She hugs him emotionally..
Sanskar hugs her back..
Sanskar: so, u like this saree..?
Swara: hmm..
Sanskar: so, be ready to wear..
Swara: but I donno how to wear saree..! (Broke hug & downs her head)
He smiles and ups her head by her chin with his hand..
Sanskar: I will help u..
She blushes..
He smiles..

After somedays..
Both swasan parents agreed for swasan marriage..
Swasan marriage completed with all elders blessings & love..
Its swasan suhagrat..
In swasan room..
Swara seated on bed..
He came and opens her veil..
Her face downed..
He ups her face with love..
But her gaze down only..
Sanskar: swaraaa..
No response..
Sanskar: my love.. Today is our special night na.. Y u became silent..?
Again no response..
Sanskar: koi problem h..?
Swara slowly nodes as no..
He smiles to see her nervousness..
He simply took her in his warm embrace..
She felt happy by his action..
After sometime he broke hug..
Now she is feeling good..
Sanskar: swaraaa.. Tumko yaad h my aaj k liye ek gift layaa ta Teri liye..?
Swara: how can I forget that Sanskar..
Sanskar: then jaoo.. Change karke aao..
She about to step he stops her..
Sanskar: buttt..
Swara: but…?
Sanskar: (with naughtiness) us din tu boli ti k u donno how to wear saree.. And I told u to help u.. Yaad h..?
Swara: hwwww Mr.Naughty Maheshwari.. That time I donno.. But my Sikh liya patidev..
Sanskar: (pouted) aise kaise tum Sikh liya.. Ye cheating hai..
Swara: kya cheating..
Sanskar: Tumko meri help Lena hi hoga.. U can’t wear ur self..
Swara: (kisses his cheek and ran to washroom) I love to do cheating patidev..
He smiles on her action by placing his palm on his cheek where she kissed..

After some time she came out..
She looking amazing in red saree which chosen by her husband..
Sanskar lost in her beauty..
Both stepping towards each other..

BG plays..

Pehla pehla pyar hai
Pehali pehalee bar hai
Pehla pehla pyar hai
Pehali pehalee bar hai
Jan ke bhi anjana
Kaisa meraa yar hai…

Pehla pehla pyar hai..
Pehali pehalee bar hai..

She downed her face.. And blushing..
He ups her face by her chin with his hand..
But her gaze down only..

BG Plays..

Usakee nazar
Palko kee chilman se mujhe dekhti
Uski nazar
Uski haya
Apani hi chahat kaa raj kholati
Uske haya
Chhup ke kare jo wafa
Aisa meraa yar hai

Pehla pehla pyar hai
Pehali pehalee bar hai

He lifts her in his arms..
Stepping towards bed..
Both lost in each other eyes..
He placed her on bed..
Start removing her jewelry..
And placing kisses on her body..
After some time he switch offs lights and covered a duvet on them..
They both consummate their marriage..
The night passes romantically..

Next morning..
Swasan both sleeping peacefully in each other embrace..
Sun rays falling on their smiling faces..
Both sleep disturbed by sun rays..
Sanskar: good morning sweetheart.. (Peaks her forehead)
Swara: (blissful smile) good morning..
She About to get up..
He pulls her on him and hugs tightly..
Swara: sanssnsskar.. Chodo.. Subh hogayi..
Sanskar: hmm..
Swara: aree chodo na.. Office k liye der hogi.. Jao fresh hojao..
Sanskar: (tights his grip) one weak tak no office Darling..
Swara: kyu..
Sanskar: areee.. Naya naya shadi hua h mera.. Apne biwi k sath waqt bitana h na..
Swara: (hits him playfully) sannsskaarr..
Sanskar: kyu.. Kuch galat bola kya..?
She blushes..
Sanskar: toda blushing chupao.. Abhi honeymoon bhi bhaki h biwiji..

After sometime..
Swara: chalo office nhi Jana hai kya..?
Sanskar: I told u na.. No office for one week..
Swara: Sanskar.. Abhi bhi honeymoon me time hai.. Jao tum office.
Sanskar: (pulls her close to him) tab toh double holidays samjo..
Swara: means..?
Sanskar: tab k barpai tab.. Ab ki barpai ab (winks)
She understood and blushes..
One weak They spend quality time with each other..
After that they got Honeymoon tickets from their family..
They went Vancouver Island, Canada.. (U all knows very well.. Thatz my fav spot???? swasan humesha wahi jayenge.. My wahi bejungi thatz it.. Haha)

They enjoying their honeymoon nicely..
One day they went beach at evening..
Swasan walking by holding each other hand..
Their swasan saw a couple playing guitar..
Swara: sanakaarrr..
Sanskar: haan..
Swara: mje bhi guitar play karne k man kar rahi..
Sanskar: acha.. Mera biwi ko guitar play karna hai..
Swara: haan but..
Sanskar: no but vut.. Just close ur eyes for 1mint..
Swara: but..
Sanskar: bola na no but vut.. Chalo close karo..
Swara closes her eyes..
With in one minute he brought Guitar For Her..
Sanskar: ab Khalo..
She opens her eyes.. She saw guitar and felt much happy.. Hugs him tightly in happiness..
Sanskar: Chalo.. Ab Play bhi karo..
Swara: ek shart par..
Sanskar: kounsa..
Swara: tum bhi meri sath play karoge…
Sanskar: yeh bhi koi puchnewala baat hai.. Am always with u?
He makes she sit on a big stone..
She holds guitar..
He holds swara..
Both smiles to see each other..
Swasan star playing Guitar With A Beautiful Song..

Zara pooch kya dil me mere subaho shaam hai
Zara pooch kya dil me mere subaho shaam hai

Bas teri bas teri dhoom dhaam hai
Bas teri bas teri dhoom ..
Bas teri bas teri dhoom dhaam hai
Bas teri bas teri dhoom ..


Har jagah ab dikkhe tu
Apne dil ka bhi kaam tamaam hai

Bas teri bas teri dhoom dhaam hai
Bas teri bas teri dhoom ..
Bas teri bas teri dhoom dhaam hai
Bas teri bas teri dhoom ..


Zara pooch kya dil me mere subaho shaam hai

Bas teri, bas teri dhoom dhaam hai
Bas teri bas teri dhoom ..
Bas teri bas teri dhoom dhaam hai
Bas teri bas teri dhoom..


Har jagah ab dikkhe tu
Apne dil ka bhi kaam tamaam hai

Bas teri, bas teri dhoom-dhaam hai
Bas teri bas teri dhoom..
Bas teri bas teri dhoom dhaam hai
Bas teri bas teri dhoom ..

Wo o wo..


Kya bataaun kya hai jaadu
Teri saari baaton mein
Sochti rehti hoon aksar
Tujhko tanhaa raaton mein


Neendon mein tu, khwaabon mein tu
Saanson mein tu basti hai
Yaadon mein tu lamhon mein tu
Aankhon mein tu hansti hai

Har jagah ab dikkhe tu
Apne dil ka bhi kaam tamaam hai

Bas teri, bas teri dhoom dhaam hai
Bas teri bas teri dhoom..


Bas teri, bas teri dhoom dhaam hai
Bas teri bas teri dhoom..

Both completed song very nicely..
They both lost in each other..
All start clapping..
They came into scenes after clapping sound..

After that Sanskar arranged special dinner for them..
They enjoys a lot and came to their room..
Swara: sach main Sanskar tumhare sath me gaa kar am feeling much happy..
Sanskar: achaji.. U know na I love singing..
Swara: hmm.. U know na.. Me too..
Both share a sweet hug..

They both enjoying their married life a lot..
Sanskar always swara k sath rehta h..
Ek pal bhi swara ko alone nhi rehne deta..
She felt happy.. Always happy with him..

After some dayz..
They came to MM..
Dayz passing like happy happily..
One day.. Swara got angry on him..
Sanskar tries to cool her.. But swara is swara..

Sanskar: swara listen na.. Teri se IMP mje koi nhi hai..
Swara: bas Sanskar mje aur nhi sunni h..
Sanskar convincing her from morning.. But swara not listening him..
(Angry also a part of true love na?)
At night..
Both eating silently..
Sanskar tries to talk with her.. But she didn’t responding..

She silently went to their room and sleeps.. But sleep is always from her eyes.. Fir bhi she closed her eyes like sleeping..
He came behind her..
He seats on bed beside her..
Sanskar: swara yaar.. Subh se mana raha hu.. Itna bhi bhav na khao.. Please baat karo mjse.. Myne sorry bol dia na..

Swara: apna sorry apna pocket me rakho (turning another side)

Sanskar: (monologue) ohh god.. Sanskar.. Tu gaya ab..

He lyes on bed in sleeping position..
His face facing roof..
He tries to sleep.. But no way.. Neend hi nhi aaraha ta..

Same halat of her too..
Suddenly she turns to him & hugs him by resting her head on his she used to sleep daily..

He became surprised..
He holds her..
Sanskar: swaraaa..
Swara: don’t dare to talk with me okk.. And don’t take advantage.. Am sleeping in my husband’s embrace.. U don’t have any rite to touch me..
Sanskar: (monologue) huhh.. Ye ladkiya bhi na.. Kabhi bhi samaj me nhi aata hai.. Haha Sanskar.. Chalo ab apna kalakaari dikha bachaa..

He holds her tightly with a big smile..
Swara: I told u na.. Don’t dare to touch me..
Sanskar: Main toh apna biwi ko hug kia ta.. Tumhe kya..?
She became silent..
Sanskar: bolo.. Tumhe kya..
Swara silent..
He can understand her sadness..
Sanskar: swaraaa.. Kabtak rahogi mjse naraz haan..? Bolo aisa kya karu jisse tu maan jaaye..?
Swara: jao.. Mje tumse koi baat nhi karni hai.. (Holds his shirt with her fist tightly..Sad voice)
Sanskar: (lovely tone) swaraaa.. (He knows very well.. Her angry for little time only) dekho meri taraf..
She silent..
Sanskar: (felt wet on his chest) swara.. Dekho..
He ups her face with his hand..
He saw tears in her eyes.. His eyes also became wet..
Sanskar: am sorry.. Aisa kabhi nhi karunga.. But aisa punishment mat dena..
Swara: pakka..?
Sanskar nodes as yes..
Swara: tumhe andaja bhi h subh se kitna dard sehrahi my tumse door rehte hue..
He hugs her emotionally..
Her angry fully melted in his embrace..
He wipes her tears.. And peaks her forehead..
Sanskar: I love u sweetheart..
Swara: I love u 2..3..4.. Infinite..

Both smiles and sleeps peacefully in each other embrace..

After 2 months swara told Sanskar about her pregnancy news..
Both felt happy with this news..
After all their symbol of love coming soon..

Swara seated on bed.. Sanskar rested his head in her lap and talking to her tummy.. (Baby??)

Swara listening with a blissful smile..

Sanskar: baby jaldi aajao.. I want new female singer.. I know u will be the best singer than ur mumma..

Swara: no no.. Baby.. Ur mumma want male singer.. Ur papa na.. Such a boring one..

Sanskar: my baby will be female singer..

Swara: no.. My baby will be male singer..
Both are fighting like kids..

After 7 months swara gave a birth to Twin babies.. One baby boy & one baby girl..
Swasan both satisfied.. And laughing on their childishness..
And named them as..
Sara Sanskar Maheshwari
Sanwar Sanskar Maheshwari

After 7 months

In Swasan Aniversary Partym.
Both swasan singing with their babies happily..
Swara & Sanwar.. Sanskar & Sara..

Photographer captured a family photo..

Their Smiles On Their Faces Forever..
Their Love For Each Other Forever.. ?Swasan? Together Forever..


The OS Completed

So, friends.. How was My 13th OS..
Hope u all will like as u like my all stories..
Sorry yaaro.. Kuch zyada hi late kar dia.. But finally post kia na.. Ab maaf kardo?? love u..
Chalo its time for vote, like, comment..
Inline comments (in watty) and big comments chahiye Yaaro..
Chalo.. Read and enjoy..
Just wait for my TS with Zara (Kismat Ki Operation)
Love u soooooooooo Much all..


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