pehla nasha pehla khumaar ,pyar ki- Intro

pehla nasha pehla khumaar ,pyar ki-Intro.. (a different story, swaragini ff) by Aarya

Hi frnds …..i hope u all know me………
First of all am sorry its not the next part of my ff dil jo kabhi nah honge juda….

Its a different story….not related to swaragini…bt i want all of u to read this and as this one is really close to my heart……???…..
{But u can consider the main leads as swara / ragini… Nd sanskar/ laksh}

Its a story on love and life…..

What is love???

This is a question that comes to our mind atleast once….

Till now no body is able to give a fully correct answer.
(For me)
Love is the most sincere feeling ,that is hard to express by words.
True love is something pure and eternal….one who have felt it and experienced it always keep it close to Their heart……
Someday someone will walk into ur life and make u realize y it never worked with any one else…..There is nothing quite like experiencing a deep, passionate love…….

You can and should experience it all in your relationship – deep intimacy, burning desire, intense passion, and incredible romance – all gift-wrapped and smothered in love.

But many mistaken love with crush…..crush is just an attraction… Its a guest of somedays….where love lasts for ever in our mind…….a person who loves someone can nevet do anything wrong to their love. Its not something to acquire… Its something to give…..
We all r weird, this life is weird….
No matter what ,u r going to mess up some times……
But its better to have loved nd lost than to have never loved at all…..

Have u ever been in love??
[Give me ur ans in the comment box]???

So here is the intro…

Character sketch

Aarya- she is a simple,lovely ,soft hearted,caring nd pretty girl.she is kind. She loves her family nd friends a lot…She is very active ,always comes first whether its studies or competitions
Anand – male lead
He is an young ,dashing boy …who is well known as Angry young man…..He is very sportive person…school football team captian,volleyball team captain…. School sports Secretary….. He is very aggressive, arrogant who is very ambitious… He doesn’t believe in love..He is very much close to his mom nd grandma…

Sheetal: Aarya’s best friend, her cousin…
She is very bold yet sweet and kind girl.. She is lil tomboy type…Only real friend of Anand…. Anand is very close to her…he call her bro…

Tina: She is one of the hot girl in school….she calls herself as anand’s girlfriend.. She is full of attitude.. Clingy to anand..she has no interest in studies nd her dream is bcm a super mod…

Recurring cast:

Ram – Aarya’s father
Padmini- Aarya’s mother
Ananya- Aarya’s elder sister

Sujatha – Anand’s grandma
Devki. Anand’s mom
Anurag – Anand’s dad
Adithi. – Anand’s younger sister.
Rohit Anand’s best friend.
Aparna – Another friend of aarya

There r many others vl come to them later in the story…..

This story revolves around Aarya and Anand
…..Its something special…. Trust me….
( you can only do that?)
There is school life,college life moments….
It has love,passion, drama,Romance,fight,hurt ,comfort, tragedy,comedy,…..nd much more……

So r u ready????

Guys that was the intro to my new ff…..plz comment …..don’t throw stones if u find it stupid …
I am so sorry if i wasted ur time….if comments r less i won’t write further …bcz i will think u don’t like it…..plz kindly give me ur opinions…….

So see u frnds….

With lots of love

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  1. Joyful Jessica

    awesome dii…. is it ur love story that u r describing in ff

  2. Seems intrsting bt cn uh plz write on swaragini cz der r lot of characters n i vl frgt d relations …….if uh dun mind….

  3. Wow Di it’s amazing after all It us written by me…No, I had never been in love…????
    I think you are sharing your real love story..

  4. Samaira

    Wow awsome dii is this ur love story so intresting countinue soon i am waiting
    good di u know what i hate boys i always fight with them
    but u know in my class 6 the first boy i crushed at road before going coacthing first day. But later i was socked to know that He is my classmate. He was my first crush n still he is. In this this age also he is so tall that he is more tall than my father. And is so handsome good..
    Ok ok sorry for my crush story. Countinue the story and thanks for chosing sr leads……
    Again sorry….

    1. Aarya

      Thank u…..soo cutee…..??????

  5. Ragz_teju


  6. Aarya

    Thank u my dears…..?yes its actually my story??? that’s y its special for me..?..but the names of characters have changed bit but actually its more or less the same. SorrySorry xavia i can’t change d characters bcz its a real story….

  7. Soha

    Aarya it’s awesome dear please updates next episode ASP.Nice Steckh dear

  8. Alia


  9. Aarya

    Frnds i have created a new page on fb…….plz like it and join me…
    Its all just for my Tu frnds…..

    Ishqiees and swaragini fans club

    1. Shrinjal

      Hii dii..continue soon?????? ..I loved it..And yeah I will tell u everything in private..?
      Dii this is ur story?? All characters r of your real life?? Anand Aarya is it.??? and…His character is same as in real life???
      So sorry for this many questions??? but answer me? okk bye

      1. Aarya

        Hi shri…..??relax relax ….take breath?baap re….kitna sawal…..
        Acha let me explain…. The outline of this story is real …..yea my own story….bt all names except mine nd sheetal is different ( including ananad’s…..but his name is so close to that…,sorry i cant tell real name because of his strict order)…….???..
        Till now am planning to write the real story from my 11 th grade till 2016……
        But there vl be some additions nd some deletions..??…. Bcz my imagination vl also take place in my ff……but at the end it is almost same to real story

    2. Shrinjal

      Hmm. .ok? I know dii..kitne sawal ?

  10. Aarya

    Shri Anand in real life is exactly same as that 5 yrs bfr……very egoistic, stubborn ,aggressive, but good hearted ,now changed a lil….??

  11. awesome start akka . loved it a lot . wow so it is ur story wid additional story ,awesome . would love to read this . cant wait more . update first episode soon

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