Pehla Nasha (Episode 4)

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Pehla Nasha –
Episode 4 – My best friend saved my life!
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(Present time)

Naira and Aditya are getting married in beautiful big church today. Naira is lost in her thoughts, she had many questions in her head. She was disappointed from her parents are everyone who had forced her to marry him.

She was getting ready until Akshara came into her room

Akshara: Naira, ye ganda moo leke ja rahi he, to meh expect karti hoo ki kuch accha bhi kare

Naira: Ganda moo? You said I'm beautiful!

Akshara laughs and says: You think I'm stupid?? Go check yourself in the mirror!

Naira cries

Akshara and laughs and leaves

4 mins later.. Naksh and Gayu came in Naira's room

Naksh: Dekho iss 007 ko, maa ko dekhe rone lagi

Gayu: Of course bhaiya, she will miss her mom, a lot! Right Naira?

Naira says silent for a while,
Gayu and Naksh looks at each other and doubt

Gayu puts her hand on Naira's shoulder

Gayu: Is everything alright

Naira wipes her tears and says: Every single thing is fine in my life!

Gayu smiles

Naira makes an angry face and says: I'm the luckiest girl, to have a mother like her!

Gayu: Yes and I'm jealous of your guys bond!

Naksh: Yes, you're right! Maa, is just amazing. I can't stand a word against her!

Naira gets worried

Naira POV:
If I tell bhai, he will get angry! He will think I'm joking! No I can't tell him. Today night I will have to run somehow!

Naksh waves at her face

Naira notices

Naksh: Kya hua?

Naira: kuch nahi!

Naira smiles to make them smile

Gayu doubts and feels that Naira is sad

Gayu: Naksh bhai, leave the room now! I have to get Naira ready!

Naksh leaves

Gayu: Naira, are you happy with this marriage

Naira: Of course I am! Di, read this letter after my marriage at home! Only after marriage at night.

Gayu: Thike
The letter said:
Gayu di, Aditya is a cheater he cheated on Keerti! He just wants to play with me. By the time you have already read this, I ran away! Don't tell anyone and come to Rishikesh, call me

The wedding had already started, Bansal family and Singhania’s were dressed amazing!

It was time to exchange rings

Aditya grabbed her hand and was going to put the ring on Naira, but someone stopped their marriage by coming in the church and yelling “Rukh Jayo”
They all looked at her
She: Yeh Shaadi Nahi Ho Sakti!!
Everyone got shocked especially Aditya

This was no other than her best friend also Aditya’s ex wife – Keerti.

Naira smiles and throwed Aditya’s hand away! She ran to Keerti and hugged her.

Keerti: Naira, I packed all your clothes, now run!
Singhania and the Bansal family started to chase them back.

Keerti and Naira ran as quickly then could.

They sat in the car and left for the airport.


In Rishikesh:

Naira enters the house
Keerti welcomes her

Keerti: Now this is your house too! I live here with my brother

Naira: Is it fine, if my older cousin sister Gayu lives here too

Keerti: Fine? Of course it's fine! I know you and Gayu for years now! You will be safe and we will have fun!

Naira: Where's your brother by the way, I have never met him?

Keerti: My brother he never comes out of his room

Naira: Boys are like that, they are lost in their own world

Keerti: I have arranged the college for you and Gayu!

Naira gets surprise

Naira: But..

Keerti: Come on Naira! I come from the Goenka family, I'm rich so you're rich too, you don't need to worry.

Naira hugs her

Keerti hugs her back!


Hey Guys, yes I know again this is a short update! If you guys don’t know I work on 3 fan fiction all together!!

Love you!

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