Pehla Nasha (Episode 3)

Pehla Nasha
Episode 3 – What I have Written In My Diary
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Naira’s Diary:

Why does Aditya do this to my friend Keerti, why? The same thing he will do to me now! Why God, I already have faces many problems in my life! Not again! Why does this guy has to be so disgusting!

Why can't boys be normal like girls and truly love them. That's the reason why I think that these love things are rubbish. I will never ever meet someone who loves me truly, who actually cares for me!

I want a guy who doesn't want to play with me! Who doesn't want to hurt me! Who doesn't want me for money!

I want him to respect girls! Today is women's day and I am getting disrespect from everyone, even my own mother!

My life use to be so good in college! We use to laugh, prank each other, dance with each other! I miss my life! Don't worry I will go back and finish my studies and become an successful business woman.

I want to prove everyone who are against womans right! I want to show the girls that boys and girls are equal. I want everyone to love each other!

What should I do? I just fuc*ing damn hate Aditya Bansal! Aditya Rathore?? My foot he is Bansal!

I wish I could run away and start a new life. Where I would be free! Only me!

I remember all the things that man did to me! There is no way I'm marrying him in the future! I'm Naira, and I don't need him!

When I go, finally I can focus on my career! Finally I can be myself and stand up for my rights! I feel like I'm an piece shi* here!

I thought my mother loves me! But no she hates me! Naksh bhaiya is 35 but still he hasn't got married yet! I'm only 18! Why do I have to get married. It doesn't mean that girls will have get married first just because their girls! Why Lord? Why me?

I hate myself now. There is no reason of me living. I just wish I could find someone in my life who really respects, understand and loves me! I wish!!

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    Really nice chapter loved Nairas feelings as a girl great going what she said was so heart touching

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    Amazing part
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