Pehla Nasha (Episode 2)

Pehla Nasha
Episode 2
Enjoy <3

Episode starts with Akshara and Naitik talking!

Natik: Akshara, at least, Naira can finish her studies first

Akshara: No way Natik!! I'm scared! She will get spoiled like other girls!

Natik: Shut Up Akshara! Naira is our daughter

Akshara: Of course she is our daughter! Natik! Naira will be happy! Aditya is really good!

Naitik and Akshara starts fighting

Karishma stops them

Chamko Cafe:

Keerti: Naira stay away from Aditya, he is my ex husband

Naira gets shocked

Keerti: He likes to fuc* girls and torture them

Naira: Don't worry, I will run away!

Keerti: Are you sure?

Naira: Yes

Keerti: Come with me and my brother! In Rishikesh we have an big house! Come with Gayu! You will be happy and you can continue studies

Naira agrees

Naira starts packing her dresses, top, shoes, skirts and jeans up! She packed everything she basically needed

Naira POV:

Why does life has to be so hard on you! Why can't you decide what to do? Why do my mother has to make my life miserable! My dad convinced my mother but she didn't listen! I am having thoughts about papa now! I feel like he doesn't love his princess.

Naira remembers what Natik had said in the meet up with Aditya’s family

Natik said:
Choti Maa will get an heart attack if Aditya and Naira’s marriage gets canceled!

Naira gets scared

I have no other choice! I should run after some days!!

Why Lord Jesus? I prayed to you since I was young! Now what's the problem in my life! Is there anything wrong I have done? Did I murder someone! I helped the poor and I get a person like this! Keerti is soo damn strong to stand up for herself! I'm done now! I will run after marriage!

Here is an short update for you guys again! I hope you enjoy this episode! The next episode is will just skip to Naira’s marriage! This is just me telling the past of Naira! The present time would be when she is hanging out with Keerti and Gayu!

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