Pehla Nasha (Episode 1)

Hey Guys, Nikita is back with another fan fiction! Don’t worry I am still working on “What’s So Special About You?” I’ve decided to work at 2 different stories at once! So I hope you enjoy this.

Pehla Nasha
Episode 1 – My Past
Enjoy <3

Have you been ever forced to do something, which doesn't make you feel happy?

Yes, we all have! We've been forced to do stuff, which doesn't make you happy!

Do we always have to listen to our parents? Do we have to marry someone that we don't love??

Well, here is an story of Naira Singhania! Who was forced to marry someone!!


I am Naira Singhania! Daughter of Natik Singhania!

I was an happy cheerful girl! I was independent student who loved to study! I loved hanging out with my friends, family and going shopping! I had such a good life until I was forced to get married!

My mother “Akshara Singhania” was the one! I hated her so much! She could never see me happy! Whenever she came to me, I got all angry!

One afternoon she came to my room
I got angry and told her to get out
She told me to be quiet.

This is what she told me:
“You’re getting married next week to someone, his father is Natik’s friend”

I got shocked! Tears started dropping from my eyes.

I said back to her
“Mumma! What about my studies? I wanted to get job first!”

She said back to me
“Are you mad Naira? You are girl and act like one”


All my dreams were broken, I was no more free! I wanted to apply for a fashion designer course but this came. I was really hurt!

We went to his house, I felt nervous! When we shaked hands together he wasn't leaving my hand, I looked at him and he smirked at me.

While having breakfast! That jerk sat next to me! He held my hand from under the table. I got really scared! Then he left it and continued touching my belly! I stood up that time! Everyone started staring at me!

I said: Oh, I thought to help in the kitchen

Everyone smiled

So I started to help out in the kitchen, and there you again he followed me! I was really annoyed! He held me from back and started to kiss back of my next. He held my body tight!

I told him: Ouch, please let me go Aditya! Its hurting me

He didn't care and kept going

(Aditya will be Keerthi's ex husband in the story) (Now he wants to torture Naira)

I heard Gayu di telling both of us to come!! Finally he released me. I quickly went out of the kitchen

I went home to relax. I was on Facebook. I found out my best friend in school (when she was little) was on Facebook. So she added Her. She was online too! She added her back! They started talking together about life and stuff! Then they face time together!

Naira decides to tell everything to Keerti!

Naira: Hello
Keerti: Hello, something is wrong! You look sad
Naira starts to cry!
Keerti: Don't cry please tell me

Naira tells everything to Keerti
Keerti tells her she went through this!
Even Naira gets shocked

Keerti: What's the guy's name?
Naira: Aditya Rathore
Keerti gets shocked! Keerti starts crying!
Keerti: Naira, meet me tomorrow at Chamko Cafe!

They end call.

I couldn't go to sleep that night! It was haunting me! I know he’s an fuc* guy! Disgusting!

Precap: Akshara and Naitik's fight!

So I hoped you liked this chapter! I am also working on “What's So Special About You”


Question of the chapter!

What's so special about Naira?Q
What's So special about Gayu?

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  1. This is nice.. I actually want naira to be married to him, be a bakri for sometime and withstand his torture and then actually get him the punishment he deserves.

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    Ff is very nice

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    NYC one
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    Nice one but pls don’t get Naira tortured by Aditya for too long

  6. nice one….hope naira don’t get married to aditya

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