PEEP IN (Parvati Gadodia/Dadi)- Swaragini

Hello frnds…. I m here to request u guys….. This is not any analysis on swasan or raglak or swara or ragini or sanskar or laksh…. I m here to say about the great dadi mrs. Parvati Gadodia…..

From the first she is the one who manipulated ragini and spoiled her mind…. If we all think it we can understand that ragini didn’t do anything…. Its dadi’s mistake that she spoiled ragini…. At first swara make ragini understand that laksh doesn’t love her but that idiot dadi came and told ragini that swara is jealous of her so she is saying like this…. After that she did many blackmailings….. Even when laksh try to kill ragini she forgived him but this dadi made her as malkin and tortured mm….

If any wrong happens dadi is just blaming sharmistha and swara…. When ragini tried to commit suicide she blamed swara for that…. When ragini try to save laksh by getting stab from kavya dadi blamed swara….. Idiot stupid i feel like killing that dadi…. Even now ragini is suffering due to dadi only…. If at all dadi accepted shomi’s baby now ragini would have lived happily…. But now she is blaming Sharmistha…. How can she be like this…. She made that premature baby to beg…. Shame on her….

So guys pls i want all to trend to swaragini cvs to give a very big punishment to dadi…. And it should be done by her pyaari laadoo…. Then only she will be guilty…. If swara or sharmistha give any punishment to dadi it wont affect her…. So pls trend guys…. That ragini should give severe punishment to dadi….. Even if she slaps dadi to i will be very very happy…. Though its wrong to slap elder but dadi is not consider as elder…..

Guys in my ff all know dadi is the villian so will make sure she will face hell…. To my frustation i m going to make dadi in all my upcoming ffs…. She will face hell….

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  1. Truly agree wid u dadi should be punished like hell…cvs are showing such a crap ..dadi & grandchildrens relationship is full of cuteness love guidance like we all have in our life but cvs stoop too low how they are showing a grandma..shame on them!

  2. I understand your point of view but not accept each and single word because ragini not saved laskh stabbled from kavya ; it’s ragini saved swara from stab of kavys(note: don’t go through the promo see reality which showed in telecast of serial).

    my intention is not hurt you but i know you are big fan of swara/hellyshah. so i said true/reality.

    1. Abirsha

      K i wrote mistakenly as laksh instead of swara…. And sry for that…. I didn’t even bash ragini then y r u bringing this fan thing??? Instead i justified ragini…. So pls dont bring fan thing…..

    2. I think she didn’t read the article… Shan didn’t mention about helly or teju…she only said about Dadi… I really didn’t understand why she said the last sentence you r a big fan of helly ….
      There is no connection b/w it .

    3. Jwala

      why did you bring fandom things in this. first read the article carefully. sge said about dadi only. and you are point out a irrelevant part in it lol. For god sake this post is for dadi. don’t bring actors in to it.

  3. Absolutely true shan…acha plz anyone tell me how to register on telly update… Everytime i try to register it says wrong email but this is the same email from which i used to send my can it be wrong yar…plz help me anyone

    1. Jwala

      soumya please check your email id correctly. because for sending ff or writing a comment wecan use wrong mail id’s also. (I don’t say you are giving a wrong id). but please check your mail id is valid or not.

  4. Heltej

    Dadi is the root cause of everything… Cause of her stupidity… N so called revenges everyone is suffering

  5. Varsha

    I too accept your view dear but please for god’s sake dont curse anyone as cursing anyone will not give you any happiness nor fulfilment.

    1. Abirsha

      For ur kind information i didn’t curse anyone….

      1. Varsha

        Dear i didn’t say in that meaning,i said that it’s just a serial and we should not curse “will face hell”. Sorry if I have hurt you, I just want peace so only I said, btw I too hate her

  6. Sanjanaagrawal

    Daadi is root cause of everything …. if she had not done all this …. that nothing would have happened wrong since the starting of the serial … everything would be fine till …

  7. I agree.. . She s d only one behind all mess… from starting it self she only made ragu negative… my innocent lodo turned Hitler. Now her grandchild… seriously…

  8. Ys shan as absolutely correct she is the route cause of everything… She should be punished…yes Ragini should give her punishment.. Like she did with urvashi….

  9. Mica

    without those witch dadi, the cvs can’t create more problem, hahaha
    that’s why in swaragini, they prefer keep dadi than dida.
    oh don’t forget, dadi ever tried to kill sumi/ swara before sumi/shekar marriage.

  10. Jigaysa

    So true I just hate that dadi she should get severe punishment

  11. I agree that Dadi did this all and all that but Ragini slapping… Well I won’t agree on that. I know even u don’t but I just had to say that. But think about it, if Dadi didn’t do that, then we wud have had Swalak now. And trust me, I can’t stand Swalak or Ragsan as a couple. We wouldn’t have our Swasan. Swasan is legit d best! Nor will we have Raglak who r also D best. And the show will become boring and we won’t have any entertainment. At least wid dadi being all evil we can make her villains of our ff’s and all and have fun punishing her there. But I still agree. Ragini and Shekhar shud do something to make Dadi understand the wrong she did…

    1. Abirsha

      Ha ha s i agree that bcoz of her we got swasan but seriously i will forgive her for everything but cant for making her own grandchild to beg…. Thats the reason for my this frustation…..

  12. Divyanshri

    I totally agree Wid u shan….. this Parvati Gadodiya is the main reason for Ragini’s negative character n also all the bad this happened in there life…… I hate her seriously…. in qubool Hai also she was evil n Now also…. how can she punish the lil baby for her humiliation seriously it’s something I really hate till now…
    I really want CVS to punish her brutally…… ?????????

  13. Jwala

    shan aw.. dadi I hate her so much.. worst character in the show. she is the one and only reason for everything. . really alkaji is a great actress. but dadi.. I can’t tolerate. dadi is most annoying and confusing character. and I hate cvs for giving such a stupid role to that great actress.

    1. Abirsha

      True jwala…. Even i love alkaji’s acting…. She is such an actress…. But the cvs gave such a stupid role to her…..

  14. Vyshu10

    I too hate dadi character. If she didn’t oppose shekhar-shomi mrg, they would have been married long time ago. She is like mandara n shakuni…But alka ji’s acting is superb!

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