A pearl from the dark ocean (Part 6)


Recap:kumudini takes vow to take revenge while aryan takes vow to protect his family .Later kumudini and tulsi were brought to panchayat.

Episode 6:-
Man1: Why have they gathered for panchayat??
Man2: Don’t you know that Devdasi came back to our krishnavati.
(someone comes and slaps him….
Later the face is revealed and it’s kumudini)
(The men are shocked)
(As usual tulsi and the girl with them stands in shock and couldn’t do anything .Because both of them are afraid of kumudini’s blackmail of hanging herself)
Tulsi: (in mind) Dev Krishna!!! I don’t know to control aayi.Don’t let her to harm anyone
(Meanwhile tulsi and aradhya collide with each other)
Ara:Sorry aunty!!! Are you alright ?
Tulsi: (when she looked at aradhya,aradhya is tensed) I’m alright betee. I can see from your eyes that you didn’t do it deliberately .So don’t feel bad.
Ara:Thank you ,aunty.
Aryan:(comes there searching for aradhya)
Aradhya!!!what are you doing here??I’m searching for you everywhere …..
Ara:I’m not a baby to lose my way…(she turns toward tulsi)By the way ,meet my husband aryan.
Aryan:(fold his arms)I’m aryan vidhyadar rao,grandson of pradyum vidhyadar rao.
(tulsi stands in shock but she becomes normal)
Tulsi: God bless you,both. You are lucky to have a wife like her.I think ,I should go now.(she hurries to kumudini)
Ara:(stared at aryan)Why were you behaving so rude with that lady ???I think she is hurt because of you .
Aryan:Don’t you remember her???she is the same one with the ,who is vowing to harm my family .
Ara:I remember her.but I couldn’t think of her badly.She looked so innocent and something is attracting me towards her.
Aryan:Ok…..no more arguements.Let’s go and see what’s happening there
(meanwhile aryan and aradhya are talking ,aaba is sitting in a chair and kumudini and tulsi is standing where guilties should stand)
Aaba:You !!!!!devdasi…..why are you here in Krishnavati???You are not supposed to come to Krishnavati for 22years but you have came back breaking the panchayat rules(his eyes are red because of anger so does kumudini’s eyes) Again you are here to destroy other’s life .
Kumudini:Stop it PVR.My lord krishna and the people know who destroy other’s life.(sarcastically )Didn’t you change your calender or your memory got stuck before 22years??? 22years are over and I can come back to my village PVR.
Aaba:stop it devdasi!!How dare are you to stand against this PVR??
Kumudini: ha ha..I’m scared PVR.I’m here to be with my Krishna &don’t want to fight with you and waste my time.
(meanwhile aryan and aradhya are talking)
Ara:Aryan,this lady is fearless .She is standing against your grandpa.
Aryan:(thoughtfully)yes aradhya.That’s what I’m thinking .No one ever dared to talk with him in this manner.I have to find out what happened before 22 years.
Ara:can I join in your investigation Mr.007???
Aryan:(pulls her ear and acts like thinking )hmm…ok…you can join me mrs.007.You are my betterhalf.then how can I say no???
(they both smile at each other and start to watch panchayat again .They see shaswant whispering something in aaba’s ear)
Aaba:Ok.The panchayat has decided to let this kumudini in this village but on one condition …
(everyone is looking at aaba and screen freezes on aaba and kumudini’s angry faces)

Precap:no precap

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