A pearl from the dark ocean (Part 5)


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Recap:kumudini and her daughter tulsi is back to krishnavati and people are talking about kumudini’s entry….

Episode 5
(meanwhile aryan and aradhya are watching through the Windows )
Kumudini:Devare dev Krishna !!!I’m back (she calls the people there ) Go&tell PVR that KD kumudini is back. She is back to give wat he gave us 22 yrs ….
Tulsi:Aayi ,stop it .You said that u want to spend ur time in front of Krishna & that’s y we are here not to take any revenge
(now a small girl of 15 is shown behind tulsi) we will not stay here if u r here with this idea.
Girl:Aaji,aayi is correct ,lets go back to home
Kumudini:shsh..my dears.I know wat I’m doing and its a promise thst I’ll hang myself if u want to go back from here
(the girl and tulsi stands in shock)

(Inside the house aryan and aradhya)
Ara:who r they aryan????
Aryan: I also don’t know.I haven’t seen them in krishnavati before .
Ara:But that lady is taking a vow to take revenge on ur family.Then how can u say u don’t know them???
Aryan:I really don’t know them aroo.But one thing for sure I’ll not let anybody to harm my family .
Ara:wat r u going to do now aryan??(worried )
Aryan:(laughs) as I said I’m going out ……r u coming or not????
Ara: (punches him) u don’t know how to behave in serious times . When ever I’m worrid or sad, u r always joking …..
Aryan:(hugs her) Because all in all aryan can solve every thing. So he doesn’t want his to be worried …..come onn ……Smile now…plsssss 🙂 🙂
(aradhya smiles now)
Ara:so I’ll go and get ready.
Aryan:that’s my girl

(Aryan and aradhya r in the market)
(While aradhya is selecting fruits)
Ara:(taking an apple in her hand) aryan is ut good or not???
Aryan:hw do I know without tasting it???(he leans and bite that apple) Ok…..it’s not as much as sweet ,I expected…(his eyes are pointing ara’s lips)
Ara:(blushes) it’s market and not ur room.
Aryan:(says in her ear) then y don’t we go back to our room???
(ara couldn’t control blushing so she turns towards the shopkeeper and enquires abt the prices and buys some fruits.)
(ara notices that aryan is not in his senses as he was watching something seriously)
Ara:aryan!!!(he was not turning so she call his name loudly )aryannn!!!!!!
Aryan:(now he turns back) aroo!! Y r u calling me this much louder??The whole krishnavati will know that u r callin me..
Ara:U was watching something very seriously &even not hearing that I’m calling you.
Aryan:Ss.I think panchayat is going to happen now???
Ara:wat panchayat!!!! Whether it will be like as they shows in movies??? Hw do u know ??
Aryan:you will know about it when we go there.and if they ring the bell of the temple three times mean it’s panchayat.let’s go…
(Mean while all shops are being closed and everyone is gathering in panchayat)

Precap:kumudini and tulsi r standing in panchayat.People around starts to talk within themselves …

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