A pearl from the dark ocean (Part 4)


Guyzz.again sorryyy for very late update .As I’m going to write my A/L exams this aug i couldn’t get time to update within the time.anyways my xams will start onaug2-aug 13.so pray for me.

Precap:Aaba is [email protected]&aradhya.So aryan decides to go back but shaswant compromises him to stay back in krishnavati and gives a key to a house .

Aryan opens the gate ………
Aradhya:Wow!!!aryan…eventhough ur papa is not using this house he has kept this house very clean;very much unlike u.(and she laughs)
Aryan:(pulls her cheek)Listen 2foot ki dinosaur ,once I was very clean and neat.But when I got married to u I have became just like u(and now he laughs and aradhya is looking angrily at him)
Aradhya:Oh really!!!very funny Mr.low IQ
Aryan:wat????Again u called me a low IQ(then his face changes serious )
U r correct aaru(aradhya looks puzzled at him but again he starts to laugh) I told u no ???I’ve just became like u
(Aradhya makes weird faces to him)
Aryan: ok ok. Come inside otherwise anyone who passes by this house will think it is haunted.
Aradhya:u r correct aryan u r standing in front of the house no???then people will think this house is haunted.
(both laughs and get inside the house)

Next day…….
(aru checks her email while aryan is reading a news paper)
Aryan:darling ……..
Aru:(smiles)stop it sir .I know ur intentions . U hv started in the morning itself ur mischief .
Aryan:(smirks)wat??? I was bored .so i was just going to ask u y don’t to go out today???
Aru:(blushes) ok ok………I’ll go &get ready (she kisses him and go)

(while she was going to her room,they hear some noice outside )
Lady1:she is back .Omg! Wat burden will she bring to krishnavati.
Lady 2:come on she will be the correct one to stand against aaba.Already aaba is tensed with his family issues &now she will add some more bp to him.

Now the lady’s jewelry and her dresses are shown& later her face is revealed.she seems to be beautiful but her eyes are seeking for revenge .Near her another middle aged woman is shown.she is also very beautiful but her face is calm and her eyes r innocent unlike her mother(I thinku all hv guessed the 2 women
now &they r krishnadasi kumudini &her daughter Tulsi

Precap:kumudini is taking a vow to ruin aaba’s family while aryan is taking a vow to protect his family

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  1. Nice episode…. AARA scenes were damn cute…..?
    Wish u all d best for ur exam☺

  2. Wow…Nyc epi..Am not familiar with dz story..Actually i read ua ff but i forgot the first portion..Anyways u just get ready for ua xam..I will include u in my dhua..May allhaah bless u with almighty &peace dear..??

  3. I can understand sujee I also hve exams so I am not getting time to post my ff ALL THE BEST for ur exams and the episode was nyc post the next part whenever you get time

  4. It was dann cute n romantic epi I loved the scene when Aryan called aru with various names. Extremely beutyful.
    I was wondering about why you weren’t seen in comments these days. N I also could hardely post a comment. I was waiting for your ff.
    Anyways, how is your studies going on. There’re only few days to the exam. So , WISH YOU ALL THE VERY BEST & MAY GOD BLESS YOU WITH A BRIGHT FUTURE! !!!!!!!¤¤

  5. Really awesome update yaar ….
    Also good luck for your exams…,,
    But still try to update fast as soon as possible….. 🙂 🙂

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