A pearl from the dark ocean (Part 3)

I know u all will be disappointed with me for another late update.so a big sorryyyyyyyyyyy guyz.

Recap:aryan &aradhya had reached on krishnavati and going to aryan’s house. Pavitra is surprised to see aryan and happy. But when aryan reveals he is married and introduces aradhya as his wife, she is shocked .

Pavitra:aryan dont play or tease me.tell me u r not married and this girl is just ur friend
Aryan: I’m sorry to hurt u aayi but this is the truth.I love her &married her.I didn’t tell u as u will not let me marry her.
Pavitra:aryan !!think abt aaba .wat will do if he comes to know this???
(while she is talking abt aaba, he also comes from the stairs and only get the view of aryan)
Aaba:Oh!my lion,u have come back at last .I know u will not like to work under another man.U r my heir to rule this Krishnavati
(aryan stops him in between )
Aryan:Stop aaba.I’m still the same aryan who hates treating people like slaves.I’m not here to rule ur kingdom .I’m here to introduce my wife to all of u.(meanwhile ,gayatri and shaswant also arrived there&all r shocked when they hear this.But soon aaba’s shock turns to anger towards aradhya)
Aaba:Wat u married ????have u gone out of senses??wat will I say to deshmukh and his son now??don’t u think abt ur sister??(deshmukh is their family friend and aaba had planned to to get sryan marry deshmukh’s daughter and gayatri to marry deshmukh’s son)
(towards aradhya)So this is the girl,who trapped my aryan.Don’t u ashamed of ur self to trap men like this.(when aradhya hears it ,tears r rolling from her cheeks and aryan interferes aaba angrily )

Aryan:Enough of it aaba.she is my wife and i cant let anyone to hurt her.
Aaba:is it???then y r u here??listen carefully ,I’ll not let this filth inside my house.so leave her and come inside Or go with her.But u will not get a single paisa from me.
Arayan:don’t worry aaba.I’ll not need ur money.I will not leave her hand till my death.I’m here to take blessing from my parents.
Aaba:then get out from here.(towards other
family members) if anyone wants them ,u also can go with them(go into the house angrily )
(shaswant and pavitra goes behind him and gayatri is watching all this and worries she couldn’t help her brother)
Aryan:come aradhya.this is y i didn’t want to meet them.(he holds her hand and walk out with anger)

They walk in the road……………
(A car comes and stops near them and it is shaswant)
Shas:sry aryan…I didn’t able to help or support u in front of aaba.
Aryan:leave it papa..I know he will not change and we r going back to mumbai.
Shas:Aryan pls listen to me,stay here until this issues r solved.and moreover ur aayi is worried abt u
(he hands over aryan a key of a house but aryan rejects it)
Aryan:have u forgotten wat i said to aaba ??I don’t need his money or property .we will stay in a hotel in town
Shas:don’t worry aryan. It’s not aaba’s.I bought it before 23yrs but i couldn’t stay there(suddenly he took a deep breathe)
(in a few seconds he smiles and introduce himself to aradhya who was speechless after the instances in aaba’s house)
Welcome betee.I’m shaswant vidyadhar rao,father of aryan vidyadhar rao.I hope this fellow would have atleast said something abt me(aryan smiles )
(aradhya takes blessing from him)

Aradhya:sry uncle ,if we have disappointed u….
Shas:don’t worry betee.I can understand aryan.I trust him&his choices..
Ara:tq so much for accepting us uncle
Shas:But i have a condition(both aryan and aradhya lokk at him puzzled )(but shaswant laughs) you have to call me “papa” like aryan &gayu not uncle
(aradhya gets teary and she smiles back)
(shaswant keeps his hand on her head and bless her again )
Shas:K.both of u go and take some rest as u both will be tired.I will send someone to cook and do the household .
Aryan:tq so much papa.u have saved me from this dinosaur’s 1st century cooking
(aradhya pinches him)
Ara:wat???r u teasing my cooking skill???mine is better than ur 2 min noodles and i will not cook for u anymore
Aryan:don’t cook .but remember then u will have to eat my tasty noodles.
Ara:no way(she shows some weird faces)
(shaswant laughs and he is happy to see them like this)
(Shaswant drop them in his house)

(Aryan open the door and screen freezes there)

Precap:aryan tries to romance with aradhya meanwhile they hear a woman’s voice.Her face is to be shown

♡♡♡Darling,I want to make it up to you
With you ,Everything feels new,
That I can’t bear the thought of losing you ♡♡

♡♡♡Hey love ,though you have taken this heart
And torn it apart
I will always be there for you and never depart
It’s a promise♡♡♡

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