A pearl from the dark ocean (Part 2)

Hi guyzz.sry 4 da late updates.As i was busy with my studies i couldn’t update.but once i get some time i will surely update

Recap:Aradhya asks aryan to go to his village and see his parents .but he declines it.somehow varun compromises aryan to go

Episode :2
After one week…..
Aradhya is arranging her clothes while aryan is lying in the sofa with his phone

Ara:Oh god!!pls give this irritating idiot some sense so that he will help his wife(while ara is praying like this our hero is listening to songs using head phone without knowing that his wife is angry with him)

Some minutes later..
Ara:I cant tolerate him anymore (she goes and unplug his headphone )
Aryan:hey, 2foot ki dinosaur !!wat r u doing ???
Ara:can’t u see wat im doing and help me??
Aryan:aradhya!A wife should take care of her husband.So go and arrange my clothes too baby.
Ara:wat an attitude ???listen mr.aryan im ur wife and not ur servant….so think before u say something otherwise i will kill u…..
Aryan:(laughs while ara is confused with his reaction and pulls her cheek) hey cutie pie !!calm down.(and he drags her to their room and shows her his suitcase which r already arranged)
I have already my clothes and just playing with u baby
Ara:oh!!sry aryan im so tensed..

(suddenly aryan lift her in his arms and takes her to the bed and makes her sit there)
Aryan:wats wrong with u aradhya??I can see u worrying for something from past 3 days…
Ara:nothing……i’m just thinking abt our journey.
Aryan:That’s y I told u not to….(he stopped wat he was saying and cupped her face) Don’t worry aradhya.”l will be there with u even the world is opposing u”(and he kisses in her cheek and says)Come on smile my babyyy.
Ara:(smiles ) uuuu……I’m worried but u r trying to romance with me???(and beats him with the pillow .

(aryan also beats her back with a pillow and their pillow fight continues for some minutes )
Ara: u r such a low IQ aryan(smiling and lying on aryan)
Aryan: hey u should call me a genius as i have found a dinosaur and married it.Even big scientists can’t do this(they both laugh)

Next day…………….
Aryan and aradhya comes out from the taxi &takes their luggages..Aryan pays the taxi fair and they both starts walking towards aryan’s home..while they walk some women see them and starts to talk abt them.
Woman1:hey kamla,look there!!!he is aaba sahib’s grand son no???
W.m2: ss.but there is a girl with him.
W.m1: maybe his gf.boys going to city comes with a girl nowadays (all women start to laugh)
W.m3:look at her cloth !!!don’t she have a saree??I don’t know how these city girls are wearing these type of dresses!!!(aradhya is wearing jeans and top with a shawl)
(ara feels bad abt the women’s sayings and holds aryan’s hand tightly )
W.m3:hey ladies see her.that shameless girl is touching him without marrying (as they couldn’t see aradhya’s mangalsutra bcuz of her shawl)

Aryan:aradhya,be chill .these women don’t know anything abt others&they start talking abt other using their imagination power(and he put his arm around her shoulder )
Ara:(trying to take his arm from her)aryan….wat r u doing ??already they r talking badly abt me &now they will start to talk more .
Aryan:(saying purposely and loudly )come on honey!!nobody will say anything when a man put his arm around his wife’s shoulders
(his plan works and all women shut their mouths )

Aryan and aradhya reaches aryan’s home)
Nakku:(the servant sees him and drops the plate in her hand)Pavitra tai ,,,come here….
Pavitra(aryan’s mother):wats wrong with u nakku and y r u shouting ??Is ur husband comes back after20yrs??(she laughs and comes there)
(and she sees aryan there and seems to be happy)Oh aryan!! Now only u remembered the way to come to ur home(aryan is working in city while his family doesn’t like abt it and he had conflict with his left his home before 6 months and married ara there.and his family doesn’t know abt it yet)
Pavitra:(now only noticed ara) aryan who is this ??ur friend??where is ur other friends???(aryan used to bring his friends home in the starting days of his college)
Aryan:no aayi….she is Aradhya,my wife…
(screen freezes on pavitra’s shocked face)

Precap:aradhya and aryan stands outside of the house …tears r flowing from her eyes and aryan looks angrily at aaba and says”Stop it and enough “

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