A pearl from the dark ocean (Part 1)

Both aryan and aradhya tries to go to the bathroom at the same time
Aradhya:haven’t you bath yet ? U r the one who got up early but u didn’t bath till now.anyways im getting late so im going first….
Aryan:I know but look out the chart (he point out a chart in which their daily chores have been divided )Its ur day sleeping beauty and it took all my day to make coffee .aru baby….
Ara:aryannnnnn……I’ve told u 100 times not to call me like this
Anyways,u go and bath or u’ll say it another 1000times
Aryan:that’s my girl(he stares at her and kisses her forehead)
Ara:(also smiles and says) low level IQ but sooo sweet.

Aradhya brushes her hair and aryan comes from behind and hugs her
Aryan:wowww!!!!! U look so hot dear.I dont think that we can go to office today
Ara:(smiles and turns) have u forget our project?after this project we’ll have one month holiday and u can spend time with ur wife as much as u want(and she pull his cheeks)
Suddenly her face changes serious
Ara:aryannnn…will u agree to something i want???
Aryan:(bent on dramatic style taking her right hand and kisses)Anything for u darling
Ara:oh!be serious aryan.why dont we go to ur village and meet ur parents ??

Now aryan looks at her angrily
Aryan:I have told u many times not to talk aby them.
(he leaves the room without letting her talk)

Both of them arrives office without talking a single word
Varun &shivani:(chorusly )Hi..again another fight (varun,shivani r both aradhyan’s friends from same college and now works at the same office)
Aryan drags varun and aradhya drags shivani away and goes to their cabin in different path.

On the way….aryan tells varun war aradhya asked him.
Varun:we all know she is longing for a family from her childhood ,buddy.Thats y she is asking u again and again.Try to understand her.Leave ur ego and go to ur parents man.(aradhya have grown up in an orphanage even though she is not an orphan and it wil be revealed later)
Aryan:I’ll try but….
Varun:ok thats gud and i’ll tell this to aradhya (he calls to shivani and tell her wat aryan said and talks abt them and ends the call)
Aryan:so bro,if u want to say this to aradhya u should have called her.but y to shivani ??? Something is wrong Hmmmm.
Varun:nothing is wrong and stop teasing me buddy(he blushes a little and starts laughing loudly seeing him while all others start looking at them)
(varun again blushes and drags aryan to their cabin)

PRECAP:-Aradhya and Aryan come out from the taxi and keep their luggages near the board “KRISHNAVATI”

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  1. Sujee

    Sry guys typing mistake in last para
    (he blushes a little and aryan starts laughing loudly seeing him……)

  2. It was vryyyyyyyyy goodďd episode sujee and post the next part asap

  3. I’m impressed. Gd epi. So many arra cute scenes

  4. Superb episode Sujee♥♥♥…….please try to be regular and some more longer eisode……lovely going keep it up…….

  5. AAN

    Nyc one sujee 😀 and pls read my ff too…the untold love story 🙂

    1. Sujee

      I have read urs too aan its really good

  6. snehamjwinslet06

    nice one.keep writing

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