Payback Time Tanya Sanskar Maheshwari (Episode 1)


hi guys my internet seems to be not working so ill be posting all of the episodes together.soz guys
comment please!

episode starts in a funeral-
it is a very grand funeral and 2 kids are crying next to a body of a young lady.a man comes .he is expressionless but is grieved at the loss of his wife.
he is mr.shivaye singh oberoi and the little kids next to him are kiara singh oberoi and aditya singh oberoi(played by kiara bose roy and abhishek varma when they were young respectively)
the funeral is of meera oberoi(nee desai)(sonam lamba)
another scene is shown-in maheshwari households grand hall
a lady (ragini) is seen shouting at another lady(swara)-
their conversation
r-swara why do you want to brain wash my kids
s-oh really ragini
r-yes really swara

s[shouting]-did youforget im your elder sister
r{shouting back}-yes i forgot!you stole my love!you stole my sanskar from me!luckily laksh married me
s-shut up ragini
{ragini raises her hand to slap swara}
when someone comes and holds her hand tightly
r-ouch leave me!
tanya-how dare you try and slap my mother
she strangulates ragini.
swara pulls tanya and slaps her.tanya falls to they floor with a loud bang that everyone hears
and comes down

the family gets shocked seeing tanya on the floor.
hope you liked it

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