Payback time (SwaSan) (Huge Aryana’s Fan )

“I.T. Department, gud mrng sir hw can i help u”, said the female voice on the other side

“Hlo can i tok to Nisha”

Well Nisha was an elderly woman who really helped me a lot last tym..though i was sales manager last tym 😛

“Sir i’m nt sure if she’s in or nt.let me confirm..may i knw who’s calling”

“It’s Arjun Gadodia ”

/// What? obvio i’m’s just an alias i used…smone who just joined RAW a week back and tht was enough info fr me ///

“ok sair wait a min i’ll patch your call to her office”

after a few seconds of some music i never really understood

“Hello” said a olderly woman

“Hlo nisha actually i called for my new account.i can’t login as i forgot my password…Mr. Singh told me u can help me”

/// well i am amzaed hw a little insider info and name dropping can help u a lot ///

“Ok we hv to get through some security processes before i reset ur password”

“Yeah bt the prblm s tht my documents r still under processing in ur Dept.”

“Sorry bt i can’t reset it without going through security processes”

” Mam i’m new here nd my job will b n trouble pls help me ”

/// Now i knw wt she was thinking..i am , actually arjun was her son’s age and older womaen won’t want a guy nxt door like him in trouble ///

“Who’s ur Dept. Head” asked Nisha

“Raj Dixit but pls don’t tell im…he’s really pissed at me fr late submisson of my report due to tis acount issue and if he got to knw tht forgot evn my pass i’ll b in big trouble” i said polietly


“Actually do one thing set it to reset tht way u won’t hv to tell the password”

/// Now what i was asking was totally against the laws but remember i told u abt tht sympathy factor in older women fr kids our age ///

“Ok i;ll set it to default ”

“thanks a lot mam”

“it’s ok but try to remember it ths tym” said nisha in a maternal vvoice

“yeah sure ty”

Tht was it i know their default is current date seperated with hashes so i got the next level clearance…within a day i’ll be in most secure military info tht evn most generals dnt hv aaccess to….

was tht illegal? well yes but who cares i’ve done with lot’s of companies what different nw thn if it’s RAW

and i’m being careful nobod gonna find out…

At least thats wht i thought……..

NOTE – I know RAW doesn’t have a website 😛

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  1. Shradha12

    Wat is this????

    1. Fanfic epi 1 sry forgot to write epi 1 😛

  2. Klaus

    It’s a thriller fanfic with some romance… Swasan are the lead… Nd this is episode 1…sorry forgot to write episode number

  3. Interesting

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  5. Nice interesting

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  7. Abirsha

    Confusing…. But i think i will understand as d story proceeds….

  8. Amazing

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