Payback time ( SwaSan) Episode 6


episode 5 –
Episode 5

” What do you think? Are you intrested in helping us? “, asked Daya

“It sounds interesting. But i’m sorry i can’t help you. My lawyer has advised me against such action. He thinks that i may incriminate myself.” I refused politely.

Daya smiled again. The public defender had been less than computer savvy, and i made an enemy of him by doing my own plea bargaining at the pretrial. At least i had saved my own nwck. I had no doubts that Daya had read the negotiation transcripts and knew this.

“The way i heard you were your own lawyer”

well means he did read them

“As i said my lawyer has advised me against talking to anybody”, i replied politely again.

“At least hear us out?”

i read the time from the upside-down numbers on Abhijeet’s watch – 9:24 a.m.

i hadn’t been allowed to have a wristwatch or any electronic or mechanical gadget since my arrest.That meant no TV, no radio, no computers and no telling the time. I forgot the official reason for this, but i guess they didn’t wanted me to start a World War III just like in movies.Anyways, I hoped tht i would be bacl for exersice time in a while at 10a.m. It was the only time i go out into fresh air.The other twenty three hours i spent in my cell behind a thick steel door.

Without waiting for my answer Daya showed me another photograph.

“This man is Omkar Mallik,” he said, turning the picture so i could see it.

“We know that he’s the one of the main players recruiting and coordinating young hackers out of the schools.”

“A terrorist?”, i asked


i looked again at the picture. If the man was a killer, it didn’t show. The sharp corners of the table looked more dangerous. He looked like one of my old teacher who used to liven up his boring classes by sticking too much metallic sodium in a glass of water and making a good explosion.I was surprised how rather than terrorizing the class these mini bombs got a round of applause and he was considered one of the school’s coolest teacher.

I shrugged,”He looks more like an informer.”

i had been introduced to informers and their roles in crime prevention during my aresst. the CBI admitted that this was how they had ‘ taken me down ‘. I hadn’t got caught bcoz i had been careless or complacent. I always was careful. They had found me through Laksh Raichand. I went to jail, while the CBI set Laksh up in his own business, as part of their deal. From what little information i had managed to get, i knew tht Laksh was getting paid to hack into computer networks – in other words, a White Hat Hacker.

“Sadly Mallik is not an informer”, continued Daya. ” Mallik is a charismatic and well-financed fanatic who knows how to connect with lonely young computer obsessed kids. And thats where you come in. we want you to get recruited by Mallik.”

What you think Sanskar gonna do…..Will he help them or he have something else planned for Laksh, CBI and Mallik…..Please comment and thanks to all who read my crap…Thanks

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