Payback time ( SwaSan) Episode 4

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6 Months Later…..

“Sit down”, ordered the burly guard.

I pulled the grey metal chair from under the table, which was somewhat awkward bcoz of the handcuffs, and sat down, facing two men I had never seen before. They looked like CBI officers by their clothing and no-nonsense attitude.

It had been three months since CBI’s last visit to me when someone from forensic wanted my help in creating a profile of computer criminal’s mind. Well I couldn’t help her but got a good idea of the standard of law enforcement psychologists 😛

Neither of these men were shrink so I guessed they’re from still new cyber crime devision.

“Guard,those aren’t necessary “, said one of them and guard unlocked those handcuffs and left me alone with those two men.

” Hello Sanskar “, said the first one in a surprisingly pleasant voice as if he was greeting some cheerful boy next door ?.” I’m special officer Daya and this is officer Abhishek. We’re with the CBI”, he continued.

Daya was in his mid thirties and heavily built looked like the regular fitness test won’t give him any grief. Abhijit was little slimmer than Daya and younger.

“Hi”, I replied.

“How r u? ”

” fine, thanks”, I said politely.

Shortly after my arrest I had learned the hard way that when the police are being polite to you they expect you to return the courtesy. Infact they insist.

Daya nodded and said optimistically, “So I guess this is your last week inside. Come Monday and you’ll be on a supervised release”


“have u got nythng lined up? ”

” what do u mean? ”

” I guess you’ll need a job to pay the rent”

“my parole officer has found me a position ”

” that’s good. What are you going to be doing, if you don’t mind me asking?”

I didn’t mind him asking that information would have been already in my file

“making pizza “, I replied
We’ll that was the only job offered to me. Making money by writing a book about my exploits had occurred to me but was impossible since I had been forced to bargain away everything I had just to get out of jail and that included publishing privileges. Anyway no publisher would have wanted to publish it either due to my terrorist image in public.

“I see”, Daya said

After telling him that the guy who had spent months taking his department look bad was going to be making pizza I had expected atleast a grin from Daya but there he sat without changing any expression.

“Are you looking forward to starting? ” Daya asked seriously this time

” Yes I am, now that I’ve got a second chance I’m going to make something out of this opportunity. My hacking days are behind me. I want to stay out of trouble now. ” I replied frankly

Both men looked at each other and Dana’s smile became real at last.

So what was in mind of those officers? What does they want from Sanskar? Comment and thanks for reading my crap but trust me you’ll be thrilled slowly n slowly… Too much thrill at once can result in heart attack 😛

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