Payback time ( SwaSan) Episode 3


Sorry for the delay guys was busy with some work… Here it goes…..

Looking through the fireproof mesh of glass i could see the clear pathway and i opened the door to leave when smone grabbed me from behind, and shoved me to the floor, with a knee on top of me for good measure.

” Sanskar Maheshwari, i am arresting you for computer espionage,” said a voice behind me

“where the hell is it? “, asked smone in front of me

Tht was agent chulbul pandey ?? wanting to know where my laptop was. But i was jus counting to myself :one thousand, one thousand one, one thousand two…. They atlast found my laptop but not before it’s memory was wiped clean more than forty times ? they would get nothing from it. They wanted my hard disk but i never used them my code of practice was : take only memories.

“Get him up” ordered Pandey. With my hands cuffed behind my back i could see triumph in his eyes he had finally arrested the infamous RAW hacker but i could also see his confusion
Firstly they were looking for a man with advanced degree in computer science and in his mid twenties but i was in high school nd was jus 15 years old nd thtz wht avoided my capture for so long.

After the CBI announced tht they hv arrested the RAW hacker in a Gurgaon high school, the first thing everyone wanted to know was how i did it how could a kid go into such secure network from a home computer. Newspapers said maybe i was working with some insider tv declared maybe i was funded by any terrorist organizations.

What wht could i say to that? I wasn’t exactly a computer criminal – i was more like a computer trespasser u knw – if u leave ur door open one day or other smone gonna come in. And i never stole any info, didn’t evn sent ny virus or Trojan Horse. CBI interrogated me fir days but what could i tell that i phoned them and asked them for it…….

The papers went crazy, calling me the most notorious hacker ever, and declaring i pulled off greatest hack of my time.

They would had a different opinion if they knew what followed – how i worked for the CBI and met Swara…..

To me what followed was always my best hack but ofcourse all that was a secret…..

Until now…….

So the real thing starts from here… Please let me know ur opinion… N thanks to everyone who’s reading

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