Payback time ( SwaSan) Episode 2

And I’m being careful nobody gonna find out…

At least thats wht i thought…

In the end i was betrayed by my own frnds… My own crew

I remember the day CBI arrested me……

It was an u eventful and quiet day – well upto tht point at least
Walking down the corridor i was thinking abt my next hack whn i noticed a guy standing right in middle of corridor looking at me.

Looking back i could picture him instructing CBI agents to catch me…. To play it safe i jus turned back calmly to go other way bt i saw two of them approaching me…. I knew the day has come… THEY HAVE FOUND ME…..

I ran towards stairs at full speed.. I heard tht guy whatevr his name was shout, “Get Him!”

I burst through the classroom door at top of the stairs nd went from one classroom to another closing dokrs at back and wedging a chair behind each… I had ten seconds on CBI at most, and had to think quickly. I opened the window, but it was too high to jump.

Every sailor has his ‘ditch kit’ – the bag of food, water, and maps tht he keeps at the boat’s exit in case of disaster. I had my own too.. Well who knows wht u might need on a rainy day. But since i was nowhere near exists, i knew it wasn’t going to work. The best i could hope was to try to hide and pray tht i had enough time to wioe my laptop clean of any evidence.

I took it out of my backpack, and threw the bag out of the window onto the ground below as a decoy – one of the oldest tricks in the book.

I left the window open and ran to the exit door. Back in the corridor i looked down the stairway and saw tht guy( let’s say Mehra) coming up wkth more people to cut me off. I started running again and made it to the next set of stairs… Before i jumped the Bannister i heard someone shout, “the window!”

Moving quickly among the students i made my way to the entrance of staff offices. I slowed to a walking pace and went in. After hacking and cracking started to take up most of my free time i had to discuss my school work with a counselor, Mr. Ajay. He had arranged for an IQ test on which i scored 17/100 after tht he called me a fool nd i told him how i filled my answers from bottom to test him in which he failed ?? well he don’t talk to me after that… But i still knew my way through his office which he always keep unlocked at lunch time.

I went in and crouched down under the desk and opened the lid of my laptop and hit the space bar making it come out of standby mode.

I hit the function key tht i had programmed to scramble my RAM in such emergencies. RAMs are much easier to wioe than Hard Disks. Then i opened Ajay’s desk drawer and stucked my laptop in it while it continued wiping the RAM again and again and closed the drawer

I opened the door and peeke out. It was quiet outside, there was nobody around. I tiptoed along the corridor and moved quickly around the stairs to the outside door. Looking through the fireproof mesh of class i could see the pathway was clear when…….

Sorry guys if it was boring… It’s all flashback and base for story will get intresting really soon.. Thanks everyone who’s reading

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  1. Guys should i write this in first person like now or as tv serials… I like as first person as we can relate to it as we keep reading…. But suggestions invited…. Plz let me knw

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