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Dada bring Payal to home after puja because Payal has to go for school

Lucky scoldes Payal day by day ur irritating me so much can’t u say tat u going to temple wat shd v think
Payal says papa I went to pray for ma sake stop it Payal don’t irritate me again because of u I have to go late to office ur bus also went k now go and ready I will drop u and go to office..
She went! !!

Here ragini waiting downwards nikhil comes and hold by his waist nikhil u always late said by ragini.wat to do princess traffic jam so late sorry, k can v move said by ragini, wait wait as I make u wait I will hold u in my arms and I will bring u no nikhil think once It’s 100 steps once u hold me u shouldn’t leave me in middle. No ragini if u want i can die but I want leave u in middle…”I m holding ur hand to live with u not to leave” forever I. M urs,,,? ur everything to me,,k now stop this and hold me he hold her in his arms in each steps he says ragini ur everything to me hope our love stay for ever s nikhil I feel secured in ur arms..I love u nikhil, me too ragini then both do little pooja little romance and say bye to temple and goes to thier respective home..

Night Payal room

Tomorrow is my birthday know o God I called everyone but I forgot to call my mother, I don’t know ma remember or wat let me remind her once again if she forget in her busy work k where is phone oh it is here she take d phone mummy no is 98…….45 instead of 65 she type 45 i dont know by miss or Payal love towards mother it’s connected to ragini no..( everything is God will I can’t change) phone says ??The no ur trying to reach is currently busy pls hold d line—- or call after sometimes again she calls it says same..////

Payal: y ma not receiving my cal may be she is busy k I will cal later then she keep phone and went

Here ragini speaking to nikhil in d phone screen showing waiting waiting but also she speaking later she says bye and cut d call and c unknown no who called me in dis late night let me call ?she redails

Lucky later comes and took his phone to call his boss to say about project work he calls him and speaks later he get beap waiting waiting from unknown no..?she cuts d call ?later he also cuts d call and c who is calling me dis time let me call he redails and says hello
Ragini :hello who r u y u calling me continously
Lucky : hello excuse me u only call me first and u only asking who r u how dare to ask me
Hello sir first u c ????u only called me I. M mad to call u who r u man

Then he see dailed list many dailed call list then he realised oh may be Payal by miss she called to dis no omg

Oh madam ji I. M very sorry actually my daughter by miss she dail ur no she often play in my mobile so by miss she called u if u don’t mind please forgive her I promise next time it won’t happen
Ragini : its k sir no problem sometime it happens nothing I won’t feel bad because they r children know they don’t know anything u don’t worry I won’t feel anything
Lak:thanks madam bye and once again sorry gn
Rags: it’s k gn too then she cuts d cal..

Lucky: O God y dis Payal doing like dis she attack with mother booth I don’t know when she will overcome from dis today she just called to unknown no next what she going to do I don’t know….???

Rag: o God dis children’s r so naughty something they will do but it cute to c…o God I forget something tomorrow one girl what’s her name name o Payal I have to go for her birthday know, s s I have to go but wat can I gift to her , wat she like may be doll only doll I can’t gift something spl ya good idea I will give her chocolate cake s it’s best idea I will give cake to her she feel happy k wat shd I wear for tomorrow function? selwar no selwar, ya I will wear saree but how to maintain saree anyways it’s like practice I will wear saree for d first time hope Payal feel happy…???

Precap : Payal met with accident!!! Ragini and nikhil engagement fixed

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