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Let’s begin

Payal come to home she shares news with all tat she got prize all r happy but one is not happy I. E lucky because d topic is mother he fed of d word mother

Nikil mansion

Both parents decide to fix date for engagement but kundli doesn’t match so pandit told both couple should do pooja in ganesha temple then prb will solve so decide to do pooja in Temple. .

Here Payal sleeping in bed
Rag:beta come i.m here
Payal: where r u ma
Rags:here beta come fast soon she started to run Payal also run behind her ma stop ma I will come with u, ma don’t leave me don’t leave me ma….suddenly one truck hit to Ragini?? payal screams maaaa….!!!! Lucky gets up Payal wat happen…?,,papa ma accident? wat Payal u always think about ma can’t u sleep without thinking her u sleep calmy nothing happens to her she is fine..then he make her sleep on his lap..


He gets up and c his left side he didn’t found Payal then he thinks she may in washroom then he checks Thier too but she is not Thier too he ask his grandpa dada where is Payal
Laksh Payal early morning went to ganesha temple
Laksh: what!!! temple y she go Thier wat she do Thier,, y u let her to go
Dada:cool Laksh she went to pray for her mother safety yesterday in her dream she met with accident so for her safety she went to temple…
Lucky:dada u also act like her as u don’t know d truth day by day she is too much..k I will bring her..
Dada : no lucky I will go and bring her u ready for’s like morning walk for me
Lucky : k dada bring her I will ready for office

In temple ?
Payal praying to God ganesha please save my mother nothing shd happen to her and soon make me together I want to c my mother ganesha please show me soon

Dada comes to temple while climbing steps he flips suddenly one hand hold his shoulder!! Dada saw her and shocked,,!!!!

Dada be careful said by Ragini..

k dada I will help u to climb but where is others u alone come to temple..
Dp: beti tat;;;; between dada my name is RAGINI GODODIO U can call me Ragini..he again shocked by hearing Ragini name beti ur name is Ragini
Rag:s dada 100% my name is Ragini only y u asking
Dada: nothing beti between can I ask something
Rags:ask many things no problem
Dada: tomorrow is my grand daughter birthday can u come if u come she is happy
Rag : happy means
Dada : means I can introduce u to all because u help me to climb steps morever ur very humble I. M happy tat u come to my granddaughter birthday between she doesn’t have mother…
Rag: wat dada k k I understand moreover I like children so much between ur asking so much pakka sure I will come then dada wats her name….??
Dada: her name is Payal
Rags: oh Payal very cute name then ur address
Dada : oh I forget to give take it he say
Rags : k dada I will come surely now bye I have go down my friend is waiting
Dada : u can come inside d temple know afterwards u can go know
RAgs: no dada u go I will come and do pooja later..bye bye I have to go she says bye and go (because down his bf Nikhil is waiting )as pandit told to do pooja they both come to temple..

Here dada my God I can’t believe one v thought who is died today I talk with her I can’t guess so only I think Payal used to say I saw mother here there anyways if she come to birthday I can give surprise to payal if I say dis to Payal she would be happy but I shouldn’t say because it is SURPRISE!!!!!

PRECAP : Laksh speaks to Ragini (my God don’t be happy he speak in phone how when etc u shd wait next part!!!)

Friends don’t worry wait 4 to 5 episode ur raglak going to face off until then bye and watch swaragini increase trp

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