Hi friends divya is back..thank u for ur comments before Nov 18th If I get good response will continue or else I will stop it..because I. M writing 2 fiction tat to different story if u doesn’t like means y to waste my time..even i have exams and work so if u like it i will update or else I will stop as one shot…..???choice is urs..?


Hey veena do u know my mom looks so beautiful I also have mother like u.
Veena : no u don’t have mother I didn’t c her once also.she never come to school to pick parent’s meeting also I never seen ur mother ur lieing hey shruthi c payal lieing God will punish her lieing cat . .payal reply has no shruthi veena is lieing she is jealous tat her mother is not cute like my mother she is jealous shruthi my mom and ur mom is cute her mother is not cute first of all she not have mother only..stop it my mom is not short and black like ur mom my mom is cute sweet like angel morever I hv my mom photo..she show to her friends their friends says sorry payal v thought ur mom is not here she went to God place payal says my mom is Thier she will come to me I will bring her u all c. Mom I will bring u to home.payal friends asks where is ur mother now..payal says I don’t know i wil ask papa today and i wil bring my mom she says while touching ragini pic.

Let c how payal bring her angel mother

After class payal playing in d park as she has to wait for his papa to pick her..while she is sitting in train bus..train is moving one girl wearing selwar crossing d road her face was disturb by air her hairs going high her face has some tension with tension she crossing d road while crossing she turn left side to see whether vehicle coming or not tat time payal see ragini and calls ma. Ma ragini ma I. M here ragini ma she screams but she didn’t hear has she crossing d road…then she moves..after train bus stop she comes in search of her but she already left…

Nikhil where r u sorry Nikhil I. M really sorry Nikhil please come Nikhil y u playing with me please tell me where r u she found watch of nikhil on d floor.she gets lots of tension and remember something


I love u ragini I can’t leave without u y ur not accepting my love I know u too love me I can c in ur eyes tel me ragini y u fear to tell me no one is hear u can say freely tel me tat 3 magical words I m dieing to hear me she just slapped him how dare u to call me and say dis words I told know I didn’t love you please don’t call me again and don’t show ur face to me by saying she went off..after tat again nikhil calls him and says c ragini I know u love me but I don’t know y u hiding ur love I will give u 5 min u come and says I love u I will be alive or else I will die without u I can’t leave ragini so only 5 min u want me to die means u don’t come,,If u love me my heart is open for u please fill my heart with ur love….??? I. M waiting for u only 5 min…?

Flashback ends

Sorry Nikhil pls come back i really I love u I love so much nikhil but I don’t have guts to say every heart beat is for u pls nikhil come back dis ragini love for u only..I love u she start crying then someone put hand on her shoulder she looks back and gets shocked..she hold his collar u dammid how dare u to leave me alone she hugs him tightly I love u nikhil he too hug her I love u too ragini.??? Pls don’t leave me if u leave me surely I will die.she put hand on nikhil mouth if u die I will marry another man nikhil give daring look uu sorry nikhil ji if u die I will accompany u u nikhil..k now come with me ragini where nikhil..u simply come without questioning….? ??
She moves???

Precap : payal says about ragini to his father, marriage disagree by nikhil parents..

After one or two episode payal and ragini will meet face to face

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