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Epi 28


Laksh comes from office ragini sitting quietly he keep his bag and moves to washroom without speaking later he came from washroom
Ra: y laksh from morning I m seeing ur ignoring me what I did y laksh ur behaving like me laksh,,she screams
La: rag tat
Ra: ya wat tat tel me

La: yesterday I consume with u but I think I did mistake
Ra: she hold hiis collar y lak y u think u did mistake did u think I. M lieing or I. M a ….
La: no rag not tat like but I think I did wrong now tel me r u happy with my relation
Ra: wat question is dis laksh ya laksh I. M happy for u because I love u laksh do u know I can’t leave without u…even my daughter payal she is important to me I love u both ur like my 2 eyes if ur happy I. M happy if u sad I. M also sad my day start with ur smile now tel me wat should I do to prove I. M love with u madly

La: nothing rag I believe in u I know u love me madly but one thing u shd promise me u shd look payal with same love which is given to me and don’t bring one drop tears from her eyes
Ra: no laksh I know how much u love her she is our daughter how can a mother bring tears in child eye,, I love u both ur my life..

La: thx Ra thank u so much I. M happy with u…
Ra: then do u love me happy with me I don’t force u hereafter….??she turn tat side tearly
La: he hold her hand and turn her today onwards u and payal r my life I promise not to bring any tears from ur eyes he rub her tears then kiss her forehead I love u ragini he hug her passionately….later they both hug each other ….

Like wise daily rag give morning kiss they become so close like a husband and wife they leaving happy life weekend they used to go cinema park and used to play with payal free time she enjoying every bit of life she is happy with her life and praying God to keep them always happy

Leap 4 weeks


Ragini calls to laksh

Laksh can u come to home early I want to say something…
La: wat rag anything prb if payal is k where is payal
Ra: nothing laksh payal is k she is playing outside…
La: then dada dadi ur alright know
Ra: ya laksh I. M alright if u want to know come early tats it then she cuts d call happily
La: oh God y she is telling to come early anything pro dis ragini acting like kid…anyways in evening I will know wats tat between I think she arrange candle light dinner for me so tats way she calling wow it would be nice I think fastly I shd go….??‍♂??‍♂

Precap: laksh get shocked by hearing ragini words …??,

Friends I don’t won’t to drag it and make u bore soon I will end dis thank you


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