Hi friends I wrote one story a guilt stole my heart for swasan yesterday I post in telly only 2 to 3 commented it’s so beautiful concept if u u like to read tat story for raglak or ragsan I will change d pair name and update for them because it’s present thing happening now a days so I want at least few to read dis one… for me all pair r equal so here is d link if u want another story more than dis I m planing to write for Ragini as a lead so choice is urs u want dis or new story for ragini…

Episode 1

And thx for lovely wishes for my birthday dis part written by my friend megha if u want still more romance in future tell me I can tell my friends to write in future episode…

Warning : adult content.

(Note : those who have problems with steamy and hot romance skip this part)

I don’t know what’s happening with ragini I just spoil her life for my child happiness I just marry her but I can understand her feeling what other girl accept from her husband but I don’t know when i stand in front of her I. M losing my control but my case is different I look her She came close to me seductively. I could smell the perfume that she was wearing. It was exotic. Seeing her in nighty which is strapless in back making,, kavitha often wear dis but ragini look more hot than her so only I loose my control. She was looking damn s*xy in it.”ragini what……” she cutted me by playing her fingers on my face. She moved finger slowly from forehead to nose to lips. ( I thirlled)

She kissed me on the lips. I was shocked at first but I don’t know wat happened I too slowly kissed her back. I wrapped my arms around her and held her waist tight. Then v both kissed again , first it was slow. Then it was turned to passionate one. He kissed her senselessly pushed his tongue inside her. They tangled each others tongue. He could feel her saliva going in his mouth. The feeling was out of this world. Their tongue fought for dominance, finally letting laksh take in charge. They pulled away when they are out of breath.

They share eyelock. Different emotions lust and love all of above there love for each other. She pushed him to bed as she waiting for and laid on his top started to unbuttoned his shirt and gave him kiss on chest on all over his body. She pulled down his zipper. he put the thing in her mouth. She sucked onto it for a while and then got up and with steamy eyes she looked at him. She turned around and lay down on the bed.

He flipped over so he was top of her. She started giving wet kiss on her neck. He removed her saree. Now she only her inners. “Beautiful angel” he said seeing her making her blush. He unclipped bra and she was naked on top now. He sucked left nipple and squeezed other. Ahhh she hold sheet tightly kissed her sensitive area making her moan.

He trailed kiss down her body. He kissed on her belly. She felt goosebumps on her tummy. Then he removed the piece of cloth which hiding her naked. He spread her leg and suck her.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes” hearing her he slowly pushed inside her. She felt pain infirst which turned to pleasure and she moaned. I need more laksh…

He started with a slower pace and then slowly raised his speed. She held his arms very tightly. Her nails were digged inside his arms. Her br*ast was jumping up and down with every stroke. Her eyes were tight shut. Whole room was filled with thier moans. He moved inside her another two shots and he exploded her. He kissed her passionately and pulled out.her eyes filled with tear she kissed him thank u laksh for making me complete he just laid beside her

Morning a sun is waiting to welcome 2 love birds….

Ragini slowly gets and give kissed to his hubby laksh get conscious he too get up
Ra: gm laksh she huged him and lay her head on his chest laksh I love u so much dis was my best day in my life I. M so lucky
Lak: he feel awkward without saying he moves to washroom

He is standing in front of mirror wat laksh wat u done to her do u forget u marry her because of payal but now what u did y u losing ur control u really need her love or her body…noooo I don’t need her body I need my child happiness…

Dining area
All r eating ragini giving food to all..
Paya: mamma how r u how is ur health did papa take care of u nicely
Ra: s payal he look me with great care without giving any pain she said by caressing laksh head
Payal: ah pain means
Laksh looks at ragini
Ra: he make me sleep without any sound noice..
Then payal c mark on laksh neck papa what is dis Papa
La: wat payal
C something on ur neck
Lak c it and remember last night incident payal tat one creature bite me
Pay: creature means
Ra: some ant..
Ap dp understands payal now stop talking eat food.
pa: k dada dadi

Ragini give lunch bag to laksh and payal! Ragini c to laksh thus she waiting something from him she give kiss to payal And said bye laksh takes payal and moves……

Precap: Lak love blossom..laksh said love u ragini


  1. Nidhi Shetty

    It was amazing…😘 But the feelings they should have should be love and not lust… Nd plzz post soon
    … I want the other ff of yours to be raglak😍

    P.S. i am from Karnataka too…Finally got a swaragini fan from Karnataka 😍😍

  2. Ammu

    Outstanding episode dear and Raglak scenes are so hot. It’s really beautiful. Plz make Raglak as main pair in ur next story. I also request you to write more Raglak stories. Eagerly waiting for next episode

  3. Rasha


    |Registered Member

    I not Any hater of swasan but a great fan of raglak.. am so busy with my schedule reading raglak most is a big thing for me.. I really appreciate al the writer work if u feel that u didn’t got a enough response from anyone then ur wish u continue the same concept r new concept.. al the best for ur future work..

  4. Rasha


    |Registered Member

    Sorry thap thilkobeda, nine alva already ragini name li like some pr*stitute story bardidu.. ah story writer name divya antha start agothe & Karnataka antha gothu aste but marthbithe.. yak ah story story madidu proper response illa antha na, really thing yen gotha as a writer on thr own script only they start the writing work so age start madida work na middle li stop madbedi please complete madi..

    • Divyashankar



      Hey adu different concept sikapate kasta jana like madidru nange nan story na respect madbeku ila mood oguthe e story chennagilva mathe nenne one story bardidini adu new concept real story based incident anyways dis is my other Ff link open agila andre name kodu ff or os du…Here is d link

      ( if u like dis I wrote parts it’s difficult
      concept so I end as os)



      ( dis still writing if u read u can understand )

      ( 24 parts updated no mood to write now soon I will update next part)

      April 6th I will update my new ff

      Then other os I. M not getting title name in dis i wrote all with moral if any mistakes sorry and if u like to read my fan fiction it’s on telly only u can search and read but I hope to read my os atleast)

      Thank you🌷🌷

      • Rasha


        |Registered Member

        Yen agothe gotha reponse illa antha bejar madkobeda reason yen andre illi helaru yendaru work schedule commit agirore anthadrali free time sigdaga story read madodu, sometimes comment madthare sometimes agala agantha yaro odala antha ala meaning, off course nane estho ff read madthini but very less comment madodu. nange mood irbeku especially avathina episode like agbeku age like agidaga nange time r mood illa andre nija nan comment madthila & e part bage nu nan swalpa mathadbeku & Comment madbeku ankonde but really am not feeling well adke yennu proper comment r suggest kotila.
        Matte nan iggala mathadide antha yeno bejar madkobeda.

    • Divyashankar



      Adru Olle concept ge different concept ge v shd encourage anyways new story I will write don’t worry nange free idre time idre barde barithini

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