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Let’s begin

Next day Payal went to school laksh also went to office ragini busy in house work her home phone Tring Tring
Rag: Hello
Nikhil: hu hahaha with smiling hello ragini
Ragini: u?????? y u calling me I told know don’t disturb me again
Nikhil: ya I called to disturb u I mean to disturb ur so called husband I mean ur patidev
Rag: what u mean Nikhil
Nik: I mean ur husband is no more now
Rag: mind ur language u bastard // how dare to say like tat, I know he is safe no one can touch him
Niki: ya ur rite my princess but ur so called daughter I mean is in danger if u want to save her marry me or else forget her completely only 15 min left my boys already work started,,,
Rag: no Nikhil don’t do anything pls he cuts d call then she thinks to call laksh but he may in work so without telling she moves to school


Laksh simply sitting u took news paper in tat given child kidnappers increasing pls take care of ur child he read it and feel tensed o god how selfish they kidnapping child then think of Payal o Payal I should be careful about Payal but my heart beating fast i.m feeling nervous i dont know y anyways lnow it’s lunch time I hv to see her then he too moves..

Here Payal sitting having lunch in ground 2 rowdies pointing towards Payal they observing keenly as it’s lunch time all r busy Payal c laksh coming towards she run towards him tat time 2 rowdy comes in between took knife and try to kill Payal (point of time ragini hold tat knife with her hand ✊???Payal run beta ma blood( blood flowing ) u run go inside$$$
Payal starts to run they leave ragini and push her aside she falls her down ouuch// they move towards Payal and hold her but laksh comes and hit them then they runs>>

Laksh moves towards ragini blood full going from her hand he touch her face ragini nothing happens know he c her blood OMG so ragini blood going so much he took his hand karchief and tied it come v can go to doctor
Rag: no laksh nothing happens only little hope my Payal is safe
Paya: ma she hugs her
La: thanks ragini thank u for saving my daughter today ur not Thier I don’t know what would happen thank u so much..
Ra: no laksh she is my daughter too it’s my duty to save my child she is our child laksh y u making me separate I told know I love u ur my hus…she falls unconscious
Laksh : raginiiii he hold her and brings to home ( how when don’t ask me)


Doctor checks her nothing to worry as blood goes she falls unconscious after 10 min she will get consciousness but she need completely bed rest take care of her then he went….

Dada dadi she need rest don’t disturb her I will come at evening when she gets up give some food…he gets up ragini gets up don’t leave me ur my husband laksh I love u laksh I love u he looks to her she blabaring laksh laksh he moves towards ragini I. M here open ur eyes he hold her face open ur eyes she opens slowly laksh don’t leave me I love u Payal is our daughter
Lak: s she is our daughter now u take dis tablet he feed tablet and make her sleep
Dada dadi ragini…I know u better put leave and stay with her
Lak: s I too thinking same until she recovers I will put leave


Dada dadi says Payal ur ma required rest so u sleep with us until she recover
Payal: k but papa
Dadi: he be with ur mother because time to time he should give tablet so he should be Thier with her

Laksh calls Payal she comes it’s time come and sleep
Pa: papa tat
Dada dadi says laksh Payal sleeping with us she need rest u be with Thier and do u forget doctor words don’t give strain to her
Lak: k dadima Payal comes here he kissed her forhead gn
Pa: gn papa gn ma then all went

Laksh off d lightes and makes ragini sleep,, he sleep aside….????

Episode 26

Early morning ragini puts head on laksh chest laksh c her and make her sleep on bed and moves to washroom ragini just sitting on bed ragini gm
Rag: gm
Lak: have u feeling now
Rag: better but urgent
Laksh: for what
Rag: washroom
Lak: it’s free u can go
Rag: how can I go she show her hand full bandage
Lak: o i forget k come i will help u
Rag: what !!
Lak: o sorry wait I will call dadi no need leave me till thier i can manage said ragini then hold her and leaves to washroom
Lak: go and come I will stand here itself if u want anything u ask me she try to took brush but she can’t hold it its falls down laksh sees it I told know u need anything ask me attitude girl
Rag: what
Lak: i mean cute girl
Rag: ya thanks between u too cute
Lak: what
Rag: i mean white means white tooth brush,, brush me fast I want to eat fast
He brush her teeth hehehe ??? then wash her face she stared his face lovingly then anything else u want help asked laksh
Rag: s but u can’t
Lak: y
Ra:I want to wear my saree
La: can i call dadima
Ra: no need I can manage
Then he give saree from wardrobe and he turn tat side she try to manage but pallu she cant hold bec her fingers hurt badly laksh turns and comes to her i told know he remove her saree she closed her eyes he help to wear it He tried to tie tat pallu by miss he touch her waist ragini feels it( !just like current passing)she lost completely she freeze air on his face to make him disturb ufff..he looks her again tieing again she did same,, ragini can’t u stand quietly what u need
Ragini : I need kiss can u give me I love u laksh..
He just stunned without saying he went…

Precap: raglak consumation lak feel awkward he avoid ragini

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