Episode 24

Dis part written by my friend manju( nandana) thx a lot Dr hope u all like it..

After morning incident laksh feeling towards ragini changes still her words echoing in his hears ( I loves him he belongs to me) no no she can’t tell like dis it’s just acting because tat day nikhil scold her in front of pupil so for tat she answer like dis nothing in it..?? But my heart says it’s true yyy (suddenly he remember something I know u marry me because of my body)Shet y I. M thinking her it’s time I have to go home today I have work regarding project I shd concentrate on tat????


Lucky doing work payal screaming

Ragini came to her room
and was shocked to see lak is shouting at Payal. Ragini supported Payal and moved towards bed. Actualy lak was busy in his work and Payal wanted to hear fairy tales….( because she getting bored)

Ragini kissed Payal. She was crying on Ragini’s lap and she consoled Payal.Payal was hiding her face on ragini’s lap……”Hey Payal u know something??? I was a mermaid before”…… Suddenly the little one looked Ragini like she got a current shock……”?? Mamma you were a mermaid”…….. Lak stared Ragini and nodded with a disdainful smile….. Hmm….. and returned to his files….. Mamma tell me how would you turned a girl tell me Mamma…… Payal bothered Ragini …..kk I will, but 1st of all u has to wipe this small small tear droplets…..
Payal wiped it immediately…….now tell me mamma??… look now Payal smiled too…….. Ragini continued……Payu once upon a time I was a mermaid. But once I had seen human beings. They are eating ice creams and chocolates, playing in amusement parks, they have many toys and much more…… I too wished to be a human being………. Ragini stopped at that point cz she has no idea about the remaining story.She just started it for stopping her weeping.Payal stood up on the bed. Her eyes were widened……tell me mamma tell me mamma tell me tell me…….. She started jumping on the bed and shouting loudly…..
?? Laksh got irked……. Payal stop this…….. laksh screamed……??? Beast……. Ragini muttered. Payal climbed with that cord….??? Beast!!!! Who is that beast Mom…… Suddenly Ragini got an idea??. Beta I prayed to the sea god……. Payal gripped on Ragini’s shoulder and sat on her lap……”Mamma where is that beast. You prayed to sea god and not to that beast……. Ragini is fed up with her questions…… Payal please don’t shoot inside from the gun before I say something. Please let me complete………. The kid nodded obediently…… The God said that if I wanna be a human being then I have to acquire a pearl from the depth of sea. The most horrible thing was, that pearl is guarding by a Terrible Beast…..

Payal: Mamma how was he how he looks like

Ragini took a look at laksh who was engaged in his work… She was lost in Laksh (with messy hair pen on his hand). Thoda sweet thoda khadoos and damn cute….. Laksh payed attention.He thought??…. Aisa koi Beast hota hai kya. She is crazy…. laksh looked Ragini , She hide eyes from him and continued…. Payal you know what?? If I will acquire that pearl then I have to take care of that beast too…..
Payal: Then what happened Mom
Rag: I accepted that beast but Payal there was no pearl in that shell
Payal: Mamma phir kya paaya aapne

Ragini smilingly said

Meri Payal ko paaya main ne☺☺☺

They hugged each other….

Between if ur story Finish payal u can sleep now.
Pa: k pa she comes and sleeps
La:laksh close d file and take bedsheet and start to move ragini feel bad she want laksh to sleep with them but he is going
Pa: papa stop
Wat payal ask lucky papa u also sleep with me please pa now it’s cold know u will get cold air please pa but payal he looked at ragini she signal to sleep with them, k beta I will sleep he come near payal he caresess her face gn… payal gn papa he comes next to her and slept
Here ragini feels extremely happy o thank God lucky obey my words..

Mid night Ragini doesn’t getting sleep whenever she closes she see only laksh images at last she gets up and c payal keeps her hand above laksh hand she feel so happy she hold his hand tightly my 2 babies sleeping she stared at laksh full smartly shining face o lucky how beautiful ur really God took extra time such a hotie not only hotie ur too cute she says by touching his cheek suddenly thought of act o God wat I. M doing if lucky gets up tats all angry bird just then she covers bedsheet and slept off //

Morning : laksh get up with sleepy eyes payal sleeping on ragini’s chest has a baby taking warm of her mother he see her hand and thought to kiss it not to disturb her( actually her hand on ragini face ) in sleepy eyes he Comes near to ragini kissed her but suddenly payal took her hand but he pressed ragini’s cheek and he just opens he c ragini face who is sleeping OMG wat i did I kissed ragini if she gets up big ramayana will start first I shd go from here?????? but he see ragini hair disturbing her face he comes near her face and blow air towards her hair flowing ~~~
She looking so beautiful then he realised oh again I. M making same mistake even I know she is angry queen just then he went off

Precap: same as before

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