Episode 23

3 days leap in dis time ragini fully changed she understand her mistake and feeling proud herself she marry to a guy with human heart ❤❤who sacrifice his life to is daughter after his wife death any person in dis universe who waiting to marry a new girl even they won’t bother Thier child and they leave in hostel or in any orphan but ” My hero, My husband, he is so kind hearted how he look her child like a mother he feed her child he wash her face even he is hungry he won’t let her daughter to sleep without food,, if Payal cries he too cries if she laughes he too laughes totally his happiness his Payal..

today onwards my happiness lies within him s lucky I thought to torcher u but my heart not obeying anything because it’s with falls for ur care ( how he care towards payal)? ur angry style( she remember bath room and mehandi thing if she make him angry again)☺ // it falls for ur innosense ( how he ask forgiveness for his mistake ) it falls for ur smartness ( she imagine laksh coming near give red rose to her ohh) totally I fall for u laksh s laksh I love u..?? Ur part of my body without ur sense I m incomplete not only u and Payal not Payal my Payal my child Payal she is my child I will look her as my own child she is not only ur child she is our child I will look her with great care,, I promise u?? laksh… but how can I say dis words to u tat I love u ??my heart need u????‍♂ I want to lead life with u I love u she said y holding pillow and kissed tat pillow…??

Here laksh feeding Payal.
La: Payal u shd eat regularly u should not skip ur food
Pa:y papa y I should not skip d food
La: if u skip u feel hungry because ur too small ur stomach need energy to do work or else u feel giddiness and fall on d ground and u should eat food time to time otherwise u will fall on d ground if dada dadi and ragini if dey miss like tat day type if they didn’t give box if they forget also u should ask for ur box because they may busy in Thier work they may forget so u shd ask

Pa: y they forget daily ragini ma giving box to me she never forget to give do u know papa tat day u came to school know tat day ma give box she give bag and told to take and go…. and she told same things wat u saying today but after she going I only kept tat bag here and went I did mistake I shd ask sorry I did mistake know papa but I promise next time I won’t repeat papa she hugs him
He also hugs him (in mind I too did mistake without knowing I scold her even I slap her more than dis I did mistake but I forget tat one instead I. M showing my attitude really sorry ragini he says in mind)
K Payal it’s time can v move wait papa I will say bye to ma said Payal then ma ma ragini ma she comes outside wat Payal then she stared at lucky he is looking so smart
Pay: ma I. M going to school bye ma tc

Ra: k Payal tc u too beta she kissed her cheek Payal also kissed her…ma for papa both shocked! !!
La: payal
Payal: ma u didn’t …..say bye to papa
Rag: by looking at lak bye
La: bye
Pay: then….?? just lak hold her hand and bring at door but tat time someone knock d door lak opens and shocked u here
U won’t call us inside said by rp and nikhil standing silently
La: sorry come inside they comes but sir I have work so I have to go
Rp: ur boss only here y u worry I came here to speak with u only
La: with me na wat sir if any office work..??
Rp: no its personal
La: wat personal he looks at Payal he told dada dadi to leave her to school they leaves

Now tel me sir wat u want to speak
Rag: just looking at them angrily ha tel me Mr Rp my husband asking know said ragini with attitude
Rp nikhil shocked
Ya v say ragini beti c Mr laksh tat day without knowing v hurted ragini so please forgive us.. and send my bahu ragini to my house both can forget tat one and I will marry her to my son..he to understand his mistake tel nikhil ..?? ( lak just shock by rp words)
Nikhi: s ragini I did big mistake please forgive me and come to my house i love u so much
Ra; just shut up nikhil do u know value of love tat day I beg in front of u what u did u call me characterless did u think of me once if tat day laksh didn’t marry me then whom will marry me,, for real love trust is important but u don’t have tat only how can say I love u…do u know it’s meaning do u know for whom u saying I. M not Ragini gododia I.m ragini laksh maheshwari I have my family and my child
Ni: wat child rag tat is other child he is other husband he belong to someone else so leave him and love me

rag: no he is my husband and payal is my child he belong to me I love him (lak who is listening just shocked ) s I love him he belong to me said ragini
Nik: no ragini u can’t love anyone I know ur telling lie u love me know he comes closer to touch her
Laksh hold his hand sir please stop it here my wife telling know she loves me she won’t leave me then I think u may go…??
nikhil interprets but rp stop him sorry Mr and Mrs maheshwari to disturb u…??
But nikhil says but I won’t leave u ragini how u will stay happy I will see all went,,,

After leaving lak goes to ragini thx ragini for understanding my situation really I won’t forget ur help he hold her hand thx u acted very well…??then he wants
Rag try to say but he went wat acting laksh I really loves u..???

Precap: nikhil leave rowdy to kill Payal ….??

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