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All r shocked ragini doesn’t say anything with crying she went to room
Ap dp: laksh beta wat u saying do u forgot about Payal condition,,
lak: wat condition dada dadi it’s better to stay alone without mother she is just irritating bulshit with no feelings,, my payal love her so much but instead wat she done today she send her without giving lunch today she done dis tomorrow wat she going to do only God knows…? By saying dis he went off

Tat day full ragini in sad payal try to talk but she is in silent mode even she slept without food next day morning payal went to school in bus because laksh mood also not good so he put leave for office

Morning 11

Laksh in other room ragini In payal room dada dadi busy with Thier works some one knock d door ap opens d door uu?? y u come here??…??he shocked y dadima wat I did said Karthik…still nothing happens thank God, ,he forcefully comes inside
Kar: Dadima wat u speaking I m not understanding anyways call laksh I want to say important matter !!wat important matter Karthik because of u I. M dieing daily still how many lie u will say still ur not happy with me said laksh
Kar: o lucky wat u saying I really I didn’t understand anything anyways I come here to say d girl whom v think is not alive is alive lucky then she only marry our boss son means she is our boss son wife?
Lak: No no she is not boss son wife She is my wife she is Ragini laksh maheshwari he just shocked wat lucky wat u saying ragini is ur wife…??
Lak: s my wife u can’t believe know u never expect me like dis know wat can I do u only say…// whom v think is died is now my wife

Tat day
He tells wat happens in marriage function how rags ask him she is his wife how he say lie and all

Do u know y I have did dis because I. M womaniser who is waiting for flesh I have used many girls I play with them and I sleep with them stop it lucky I can’t hear dis type of words from u said Karthik
Lak: s u should hear dis r d words say by my wife ragini wat I have did wat my mistake in dis u only know who give died photo I told don’t want anything but u force me to show tat pic after tat my daughter think she is her mother even she forget her real mother
Kar: stop it lucky y u marry her instead u can bring Ur wife KAVITHA only and show ur daughter know she is her mother y u don’t bring her ur ego will breaks know if u bring her…???
Lak: No how my ego breaks if she is really Thier I would beg her ur daughter needs u..her child need her mother more than a Father she loves her lot but wat can I do how can I say MY WIFE KAVITHA IS NO MORE my child mother is no more if I say dis how my child react y she should suffer for my mistake
Kar: wat mistake
Lak: i did big mistake of loving her when I. M in college days I love KAVITHA madly v decide to marry but our parents doesn’t allow so v elope from d home and v married v stay in rent house one day KAVITHA says she is pregnant I feel so happy I thought to be best father in d world one day she told she want c her mother and went to her native after tat when she comes she told she want to abort dis baby and to move away from dis life I told after giving my baby u can go anywhere as a result she give birth to girl baby but she not become a mother of my child she throw her without seeing her face then she went to bangalore while moving she met with accident and leave dis life /// and make my life empty000₩ but my life enlighten by my daughter Payal ????she is everything to me..after KAVITHA I look her as a mother but God wish is different I didn’t knew my life turns dis like now payal thought ragini has her mother but wat she doing She thought me wrong ya I agree I did mistake but for my daughter happiness nothing matter if any one in my position wat they will do..?? Tel Karthik wat others do did I do any mistake…??he said with tears and hugs him
Kar: no mistake lucky I really appreciate ur love towards ur daughter really i proud of u ????for ur daughter happiness u sacrife ur entire life i m proud to be ur friend really payal is very lucky to have u as a father!! k now its my time to clear misunderstanding b/w u both i will speak to ragini
Lak: no need she won’t believe no need Kar
Kar: no lucky I will speak with her he start to move ??‍♀??‍♀??‍♀
( here ragini who is hearing all conversation full shattered and full tears flowing in her eyes who see karthik coming she fastly move to her room )

She is standing backward excuse me i want to speak with u said Karthik
Ra: I know wat u going to say u just get last and leave me alone
Kar;pls listen
Rag: I said get lost from here????
He feel ashame and moves from Thier

Ragini fully breakdown o God wat I did to u.y u make angry with laksh without knowing I hurt him so [email protected]@ he had said truth but also I didn’t believe him I have mistaken him for other mistake he is suffering y I did like dis now only solution I should ask sorry from him but how can he forgive me i make him angry I made cheap things and make him feel ashamed how he can forgive me…??

Precap: thinking?????

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    awesome, hope laksh will accept her apology

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    superbbbb yar divz…its reallly emotional part yaaaar…laksh is reallly a fabulous father…he loves his daughter soooo much…yehh!!rags got to know about d truth…now she”ll ask forgivness from him…lets see how she”ll convence him???waitng eagerly for nxt part….keeep rockng n stay blessed sweeety 😉 😀 …love u soo much 😉

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    Le5 laksh to ger to knew that ragini innocent

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  11. Interesting episode and waiting for Raglak scenes

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