PAYAL MERI PYARI BETI { EP 20 & 21 } Double Dhamaka


Hi friends divya back dont worry soon i won’t end still many twist is Thier and thx for precious comments today I.m free so 2 episode back to back read it below????????????

Episode 20

Next day asusual laksh gets up and comes to payal room and kissed her forehead and went to washroom soon ragini wake up and thought to lock washroom door but if i lock d door payal would open so first I should make her wake she wake up payal,, Gm payal said ragini
Payal: gm ma
Ra: payal soon get ready today Saturday u have to go early
Pay: ma so soon Saturday comes ah between yesterday Thursday know
Rag:no today Saturday u go and get ready
She goes near washroom
Ra: heyyyy ur papa is Thier inside u go to dada dadi and even u take bath thier only because today Saturday know u should go early
Pay: k ma then she wents

Rag: wow now no one is thier she went near d door and start imaging as he go near d washroom and lock d door
Laksh : try to open but it’s not opening he try again and calls payal payal no sound from outside he think mostly payal sleeping he again calls payal payal but also no sound he try to open d door with force but also it’s not opened OMG who lock dis door please open its horrible it’s smelling please someone open d door please yar! !
Ragini : u should die inside due to tat smell u should suffer u lie know now u suffer she thinking and standing happily

Here laksh opens d door and see ragini at d door and tells now you can go!!! He thought she is waiting to go washroom,, ragini shocked o how laksh comes outside OMG I didn’t lock only..she feel sad later after sometime laksh took towel and again went to washroom to take bath he doesn’t lock d door has no one will comes thier ragini again thinks do something first she thought to take towel but it’s simple so she think to take water bucket let him die in washroom without water ( no shower in thier house only using bucket water to take bath )

Here laksh putting soap to his body ragini hiding and seeing he wearing only undergarments no towel and all ragini see chi shameless man k now I have to take bucket but for tat he should put soap in his face
Soon laksh put soap in his face nick of time ragini enters she took bucket and start to move fastly but by miss she slips and falls on laksh,, bucket falls on ground■■ laksh holds her by her waist both closed thier eyes has rragini in fear of falling she too closed☺☺ later he remove soap from his face and see her face angrily but she still closing ☺
Laksh: hey u wat u doing here,
Ragini with fear she opens and c his face then she look his eyes both looking each other later she realised hey leave me y u holding me,
Lak: r u mad wat u doing here
Ragini: I said leave me soon he leave her she falls on ground and scream oucch##
Hey don’t u have sense y u leave me said ragini
Lak: hey u only told to leave know so I leave
Rag: wat when I told u don’t have sympathy k now give ur hand
Lak: he gives his hand she hold him and try to get up but ground is slippery she slip again both falls down laksh above ragini his hand on ragini shoulder,, again eye lock both seeing each other face ( friends laksh in without dress only ragini wearing )
Lak: hey stupid wat u trying to do
Rag;hello Mr ur above me ur too heavy get up u idiot
Lak: again try go get up but he again falls on her she screams ma,,
Rag: u idiot u think I. M ground to fall ur too heavy gets up yar
Lak: hey its slippery wat can I do
Rag: wait let me think she see right side bucket which falls she stretch her hand with difficulty she take bucket still little water remaining took and put on laksh even it falls on ragini too because both r in sleeping position,, now Mr laksh now gets up all soap detergent went,, later both get up her dress full wet her shoulder full soapy soapy chi wat I have did chi tat laksh sleeping above me tat to without dress,, Shet my plan flopped!! U touch me know i won’t leave u here I will teach u,, later she also took both laksh also took bath then he is having breakfast,,

Paya; papa be ready fast today Saturday I have to go early
Lak: wat payal today Saturday who told today Friday beti
Paya: papa today Saturday half day don’t confuse me
S beta today Saturday only said ragini..laksh ji day by day ur forgetting everything
Lak understand her words s payal today Saturday only
Rag: k now enough payal take dis milk drink it
Later ragini strike one idea by seeing laksh!! Laksh ji milk for u he raised hand to take but she forcefully pour milk on him he screams maaa and she comes closer to him and says don’t ever try to come closer to me dis hands only know touch my body dis is simple if u touch again I want to show more mind it..????
Rag: wat laksh u can’t hold dis glass also she took glass from his hand has she doesn’t do anything,,,
Ap dp asks laksh do u k come i will put burner
Lak: no dada dadi nothing I. M alright,, payal yesterday where u keep mehandi let me draw cartoons do u like to c,,
Paya; s papa I want to c wait I will bring
Rag: wat mehandi Payal did u forget today is Saturday u have to go early
Pay: s ma I have to go papa come it’s late she hold his hand
Lak: wait payal he goes near ragini if samething repeats sure cartoon pic on ur back, I hope u understand my words,,,,he moves angrily,,
Both moves to school??‍♂

Precap: laksh told ragini to take divorce from him and moves away from his life !!!


Episode 21

In office ?
Boss rp: welcome Mr laksh maheshwari d married man hope ur wife safe
Lak: sir tat
Rp; I understand in dis ur mistake not Thier if any poor girl see any rich guy automatically Thier mind changes u don’t have money so she taught to enjoy with my son,, I never taught she is such characterless girl,
Lak hold hiss collar uuu soon he realised sorry sir,, I know laksh no one tolerate telling bad words against her wife but ur wife character is different u should accept it no sir ur wrong my wife character is different from all women but not as u says she is pure~~ she is perfect ♡♡// ur mind is characterless not she…?? Ur words r dirty not her…?? Wat u saying Mr laksh…?? I. M saying truth u want to know d truth know….?? so I will say ( he tel all d truth rp feel shame for his doing please never say bad about my wife she is not ragini gododio she is ragini laksh maheshwari )by saying dis he went inside because he have to give presentation at 11 o clock…

At 11 seminar hall

All clients r present from nikhil company laksh shd represents if v succeed in dis he will promoted to higher level and even he can open his own company,,
He on d projector he put cd
It’s loading~~~~~~~~


Alcohol is injurious to health ???????

He forward its showing cartoon pic??????? it’s cartoon cd all laugh at him and says wat Mr laksh r u playing with us did u think v r baby to c dis one and he think about ragini I know ragini dis ur work I never thought u do like dis,, later he says actually I forgot my cd in home by miss I bring dis sorry for inconvenience if u all k I explain each term,,
Clients told presentation is important without seeing how can v assure u..I can guarantee him said rp s me only laksh is very sincior worker morever he is talented let him explain if u OK with his work let v put another meeting and do remaining work said rp..all clients says sir If u guarantee means no worry for us v will k for his explanation..later he explained everything all impressed even other meeting also fixed,, laksh thanks rp

Later o thank God at last meeting end dis ragini wat stupid she is….?? today because of her all laughed at me how silly she is…?? ( but ragini didn’t do it by mistake it’s happens but laksh thinks it is done by ragini )

Lunch time ??
Laksh eating food suddenly he thinks something my God I forgot something Payal thinks today is Saturday means half day I don’t know she eat food or wat,may be for my mistake if ragini doesn’t give box to her,,if she doesn’t give box i don’t leave her…???, now wat to do my heart saying she won’t take box let me go Thier???? he take his lunch box and ride bike to school?

Payal sitting alone in park without food…?, ma u told today Saturday but today Friday full day class for me..u give launch box to me but I only left in home sorry ma,,

Soon laksh comes Thier and see Payal sitting in park alone without food he goes to her Payal beta did u bring launch box Payal says papa tat
Lak: Payal I. M asking did u bring lunch box, ,
She says no he scoldes her I know tat rakshashi won’t give food to u today I won’t leave her,, k take dis lunch box hv food
Pay: papa u
Lak : I had u hv it i hv one important work he says bye and go

He comes to house and scream ragini ragini she comes how many times I hv to tel don’t call my name from ur mouth said ragini
Lak: u just stop up how dare u to change my project cd do u hv some shame to do dis how can u change my cd who give permission to touch my bag tel me…??ragini: wat! !! Wat cd I didn’t change any cd y shd I change ur cd
Lak: oh how smartly u hide things such a lier ur ( ap dp asks wat cd laksh he tells everything later they told k now prb cleared calm down beta dis much anger not good said ap)
Lak: wat dadima wat anger do u know I can forgive anything which she gives to Me but do u know wat she done she told Payal today Saturday and not given lunch box to her she is such a cruel did she think of tat child how can she leave without food she showing anger towards tat child wat my Payal done to her….??
Rag: no laksh I hv given lunch box to her I agree I argue with u all today is Saturday only to take revenge with u but I give lunch to her ask Payal
Lak: stop it ragini still how many lie u will say ur such a lier Shet i did mistake by marrying think u will be good mother for my daughter but ur heartless ?
Rag: stop it laksh did I beg u to marry me wat I hv done to u..u spoil my life now playing with my life I know u want my body so for tat u using ur child name still how many girls you want how many girls u used Mr laksh tel me he slaps ?her with so much anger// ragini hold her cheek,, ?wat u think about me did u think I. M womaniser and u think I marry u for ur body sake u think ur international c tat day only I told everything y I hv married u???? if u can’t stay here u can take divorce and go away from my life ????‍♀??‍♀??‍♀
Ap Dp Ragini shocked //?

Precap: ragini came to know about laksh and she slowly fal for him then nikhil entry

❤Thank you❤

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