PAYAL MERI PYARI BETI { EP 18 & 19 } Double Dhamaka


Hi friends Double damaka episode 18 & 19 back to back 《《 then thank u for ur lovely comments I accepted all ur req soon raglak will unite…??

Episode 18

Payal bring her mother to room ma today onwards I and u sleep in dis room only..first I and papa sleep now we 3 sleep do u know I. M so happy tat day do u know what happened u told u will come to my birthday but u didn’t come so my friends and thier parents came to c u but u didn’t come so all told I. M lier tat day I didn’t cut d cake only I feel so sad but now u came know I feel so happy she hugs her ma I love u so much don’t leave me but ragini doesn’t resciproken because she just out of order she is in dilemma because what she has done without knowing marrying unknown person whether she took rite decision or wat etc she is just simply sitting without any action k ma I will bring food for u I will tell dadi to do spl food for u then she went…?? Ragini alone in her room lucky comes he c her she just sitting helplessly her eyes moist!! She see him and says now r u happy Mr laksh maheshwari…?,

from how many days u waited to spoil my life,, see Mrs ragini maheshwari I never spoiled ur life I did for my daughter sake actually my friend give one dead photo and show to payal she is her mother from dat day onwards payal thinks has her mother v thought tat girl is died but today only I know ur alive means tat photo girl is u…? Stop it Mr laksh how can u lie to me u can fool anyone not me how can u show my photo to her then ur telling I. M died how smartly u lieing do u think I.

M mad to belive u if I. M died how can I stand infront of u morever how can u give my photo in dis world no girls known to u..for ur selfishness u spoiled my life don’t take me easily I won’t leave u easily..each day i will show hell ur entire life should remember i will teach u nice lesson bec of u my life has spoiled.,, no ragini i’m not lieing if u want ask anyone in my house last time payal went to search of u then she met with accident but thank God she safe stop it laksh to hide ur lie don’t say tat kid name and next thing don’t call my name i don’t wont to hear my name in ur mouth and nextly I. M not Mrs ragini maheshwari I. M miss ragini gododio always @@@ don’t be happy I have married to u and lead life with u happily each day u shd suffer I. M here only has payal mother not has ur wife..??mean while payal comes ma food for u she gives to ragini

Payal y u bring to me, ma today I will only make u eat ma because u came first time know so I will make u eat she made ragini to sit ragini says no payal I don’t need anything no ma u didn’t eat anything pls eat little ma please she get touched and she opens her mouth payal made her eat even ragini made payal to eat laksh one side feel happy one side sad tat ragini has mistaken her but hope soon tat misunderstanding got cleared,,

Laksh going outside papa where u going payal tat I’m going outside to sleep ..papa y outside ur room is dis know u won’t sleep with me and ma.. no payal u sleep with ma I have some work after tat I will sleep moreover it’s hot here no proper air comes I want cold air then payal says k he took pillow and bedsheet ragini says payal ur papa want cold air know y to need bed sheet if v cover with bedsheet he can’t breath cold air..u know payal it’s hot she take pillow and bedsheet from laksh hand and look him angrily?? he went without anything,, payal and ragini selpt off //

Precap: ragini first day revenge in laksh house,,


Episode 19

Early morning waiting to entire payal room, laksh can’t sleep properly due to heavy cold asusual lucky comes to his room payal holding ragini hand and sleeping he comes thier he caresses her face and kiss her forhead and thought to not to disturb her after so many days she is sleeping peacefully||| later he went washroom and ready to office he gets up payal, payal gets up it’s late to school she open her eyes gm papa payal ur late go and take bath soon meanwhile ragini also gets up wait payal I will make u bath she makes payal bath for an hour…?? Lucky waiting outside payal till how much time u take bath come outside its getting late at last they come outside payal come i will dress laksh ji ur dress will get dirt I will make ready she take payal she make ready k now payal come i will make u eat fast no laksh ji ur dress will get dirt u sit I will make u eat..

by d way u like bisi bele bath i will make u said by ragini payal says no ma it’s late,, no payal today first day in house ur friends will ask know wat ur mother done so wait I will make u later she makes and come and told lucky ji u didn’t eat anything u eat bisi bele bath no ragini it’s late I have to go k anyways u drink dis coffee and go he take but he start to drink it’s chilly mixed first he sip it he coughs.., laksh ji it’s late to office u drink fast ly..payal says papa u drink fast it’s late he drinks full tears filled in his eyes,, I know ragini ur doing dis to take revenge but compare to my mistake it’s very simple I m ready to take punishment from u????

Soon they went off its late here ragini feels happy it’s just a starting I will show real film Mr laksh maheshwari!!! Later in house dada dadi attempt to talk with ragini but ragini is angry with them then ap told I have keep food on ur table eat it then she went

Evening laksh making payal study ragini comes thier and one idea flashes on her mind…??

She bring nile Polish and mehandi payal leave tat book now come i will put nile Polish on ur hand oh ma nile Polish wow pink my favourite not only nile Polish even I will apply mehandi see i have bring mehandi for u…?? Ma please apply I want big flower pic on my hand k payal I will apply laksh feel angry but also he tolerate,, she applied on her hand then payal y can’t v put mehandi on ur papa hand ??,, no I don’t want any mehandi said by laksh see payal ur papa won’t like u, , papa please ma put very nicely allow her to put!!payal he screams papa please then ragini took his hand forcefully and put mehandi she put full hand he feel very bad and shameful!! payal how is it said ragini by showing laksh hand? looks super ma papa ur hand looks colourfull s its colorful ????payal can v put mehandi to his leg payal says ragini s ma then draw cartoon pic in his leg,,

laksh just shocked and says but payal in legs v can’t draw cartoon pic if she write also no one can c thier but instead of tat I only write on ur mothers back where all can see easily said laksh!!! ragini shocked### wat my back no no now payal v forget about nile Polish only said by ragini s ma u put nile Polish she puts to payal later laksh said payal stop it i don’t need any nile Polish y u forcing me,, c payal ur papa won’t love u papa pls it’s pink my favourite color pls allow her to put meanwhile she took laksh hand u can’t win over me until payal is in my side she put completely he feel very bad and went to washroom!!! And wash his hand ,, ya it’s shd happen to me because I spoiled one girl life it’s shd happen i” m a selfish man,,ragini smiles??

Precap : thinking thinking

Friends tel some tashan scenes where ragini can give torcher to laksh tel some scenes tashan with romance…..then don’t worry after one or two episode ragini know about laksh and truth will revealed,,,

❤Thank you❤

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      Next episode but if u read carefully u will know because it’s simple English I. M using..k anyways next episode I will keep ur words in mind thx for commenting

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