Hi friends hope u like d twist still more twist to come,,, pls conment k and those who comment regularly thx Dr

Let’s begin

Tell me sir I. M ur wife…?? She is my daughter..??? S She is ur daughter S ur my wife said by laksh ragini just stunned Nooooo Nooooo I. M not ur wife she hold his collar no pls tel d truth and then she breaks down…

Lak pov
O God wat I have said wat I. M doing i become a lier o God I. M spoiling a girl life but his mind say no Lak did u forget promise given to ur daughter if u say she is not ur mother do u think payal condition last time she missed from danger if u say d truth u should forget ur daughter,, and more than her nothing is important now payal happiness lies within dis girl. .it’s bad or good I hv to say false I. M sorry God!!

Pov ends ~~~

Ya now I clearly understanding ragini I never think ur characterless girl how cheap ur even ur married u want me..still how many boys life u spoiled u characterless idiot she just slapped him mind ur language nikhil how dare to say I. M characterless u bastard!! Keep quite ragini tat day u went to school to c same girl and u wear saree and took cake for whom for ur daughter only not tat only I told many times ur parents waiting but also wat u did even it’s late u give ur blood to ur own daughter!! All shocked hearing blood given by dis girl,, /wat nikhil wat u saying I never c dis girl once also how can I give blood,, stop it u lier still how many lie u say papa ma I. M sorry I hv choosen wrong girl I never accept ragini is such characterless girl come papa ma v can go they feel shame and started to move,, wait nikhil wat u say I. M characterless k it’s better to be a mother for tat child more than marrying u… all lie about me but I thought u stand against them and understand me but instead u too believe them..I loved u so much but u won’t trust me k no problem u all not trust me rite I. M characterless rite she took mangalsutra and give to laksh I. M ur wife know k tie me laksh just shocked !! Y u standing I just say tie dis mangalsutra,, ragini wat u saying said by sumi S mom the only way left is…?? to marry dis man don’t think I. M marrying him I did mistake I just want to show I.

M not characterless,, it’s better to be with is child,, ma pls allow me ,, nikhil just shattered how cheap girl I had loved,, u Mr.. y pls tie dis y u just standing laksh took mangalsutra he hold it he see her face full tears in her eyes with heavy heart he tie her with mangalsutra his eyes also moist he know he is doing wrong but his destiny written something,, ragini breaksdown all pupils start talking wat a family it is even having child marrying other man but God is great today tat child doesn’t come means our rp reputation will spoiled thank God all left,, payal touches her tears ma don’t cry if u cry I too cry..did anyone scold u tel me I won’t leave pls don’t cry ma comes ma v go to home Thier no one scolds u come ma, she hold her hand and bring to laksh papa come v can go home c ma also coming with us he see ragini face..later sumi shekhar told I never expect my daughter life ruin dis like now what’s ur life..
Ragi: nothing ma more than selfish pupil it’s better to stay with dis kid ( if my destiny written like dis no one can change ) ma do u believe
Sumi: S I believe I know my daughter doesn’t do like dis ur my daughter ragini she hugs her..

After dis they do biddai she comes to laksh home… ??

Precap: sad first night,,,

Now tel me what ragini shd do…?? Did she want to accept laksh so easily,,,

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  1. superb twist first time i am commenting looking forwrd for upcoming story all the best

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      Thx Dr keep reading sure u will c upcoming story

  2. Sindhura

    Babrey ragini was in tough situation
    But awesome

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      Ya Dr because of one photo her life has changed thx for regular comment love u

  3. Jazzy

    amazing twist dearr

    1. Divyashankar

      For dis I have work so much dr

  4. superb feel sad for ragini

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      Thx Dr for regular commenting gn

  5. It’s really tough for ragini to accept laksh,

    1. Divyashankar

      S Dr but it’s her destiny v can’t change

  6. Interesting twist and plz unite Raglak ASAP

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      For tat time needed

  7. Wow awesome episode eagerly waiting for next episode

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      Ya if possible tonight or tomorrow Dr thx for commenting

  8. Commenting 1st time….mind blowing…

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      Thx Dr it’s means a lot did u read previous part

  9. Please write some Raglak scenes dear

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      Next episode onwards it’s about raglan only dr

  10. Poor Ragini

    1. Divyashankar

      It’s her destiny no one can change thx for comment

  11. awesome amazing excellent superb no nobody thought that I don’t think rag should accept lakshya but I want tasan of rag as lakshya wife and sweet hot and cute moment between them plzzzz next part tomorrow and plzz long one

  12. Divyashankar

    I will try Dr thx for commenting regularly Dr

  13. awesome

  14. Sreevijayan

    Awesome update dear….

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  15. Outstanding update
    Poor ragini
    At last raglak married

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      Many twist will come keep reading

  16. Asra

    awesome dear….omg raglak married…superbbb twist yar…waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

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  17. Superb

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    awesome loved it so much

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