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Let’s begin

Papa u wear sherwani papa u look too good, no payal it’s heavy i can’t manage papa u should wear tats it..k beti I will wear he wear sherwani and comes,, he look damn hot and smart,
Pay: papa u look amazing u just look like hero so smart papa
La: k it’s late now v hv to go otherwise we miss it r u all ready all say yes then dey moves??‍♀??‍♀??‍♀??‍♀

Marriage hall

Ragini wearing heavy stone work saree she looks extremely beautiful simle on her face because her dream her bf going to marry her she is so happy she is just waiting to time..?

Here all arrangements hv done all guest r arriving to bless d young couple suji and rp damn full busy in welcoming whereas nikhil eyes searching for Ragini he waiting when dis marriage will complete!!

At last pandit told to bring d couples both comes and sits ?

Marriage hall

Lucky and his family members comes lucky told I will park d car and come u go inside payal and his dada dadi go inside
Pay: dada dadi dis is big marriage hall know very beautifully decorated
Ya payal dis is very rich marriage hall which I never had seen before moreover rp sir has only son’s marriage he is one of d rich man in our place definitely they will do grandly..
Ap: ya ji couples r very lucky k marriage muhurtam will start v shd go inside..

Here pandit give mangalsutra to nikhil and told to tie it Ragini,,they both c each other nikhil take mangalsutra!!!!just then he hears Maaaaaaaahhhh,,

One girl coming to her,, ragini stood up ??nikhil shocked /// then payal hugs her and calls ma!!! Ragini just shocked. .??

Then she broke d hug beta i.m not ur ma u hv mistaken me i think ur ma here or thier u c thier beta..
No no ur only my ma i hv not mistaken ur only my Ragini ma..she again shocked no beta i.m ragini gododia not ur mother still i.m not married u hv mistaken me.
All r shocked all pupils stand to dis drama

Nik: whats dis ragini who is dis girl hey dashing girl u again come here to disturb me tat day u spoil my shirt today ur spoiling my marriage get last bledy idiot he push her suddenly lucky protect her,then he hold nikhil collar how dare to push my daughter suddenly he see Ragini and shattered ~// he can’t believe his own eyes wat he has seeing now he release nikhil collar..papa u only say dis is my ma know my mom my ragini mom know…c dis uncle not believing tel pa u only she is my ma,,lucky doesn’t digest tat photo frame girl is alive he is standing in front of her and next thing her daughter saying she is his own mother he just stunned…??
Suji and rp what’s dis ragini what’s dis girl saying who is dis girl and even sharmi and shekhar ask her tel ragini who is she what’s dis…??

Ma I really don’t know what’s going on dada dadi u only say I. M not her mother I didn’t c u all even once also,,,then how can I be her mother really nikhil I don’t know anything pls believe me,,,then she goes to laksh hello sir please tell me what is dis and all he just stunned his voice is out of order,,, say Mr laksh what dis how u know ragini and who is she for u.said by rp ..?,

Paya: tel pa she is my mom uncle she is my mom if u won’t believe I hv her photo in my home even she called me and even she comes to my school home to c me but tat day she promise me she will comes for my birthday I hv waited long time but she didn’t come u know uncle tat day I didn’t ate my food,, uncle she is my mother my Ragini ma…?? Ragini just shattered no no ur not my child ur lieing I didn’t c u one day also I don’t know her pls believe me..
Rag : pls sir pls tel d truth I beg u it’s my character matter if u don’t say truth my parents prestige thier reputation will go pls tel me do u know me I. M ur wife tel me she hold his hand put on her head now promise on me and tell me I.m ur wife……?? Did she is my daughter….???

Precap: Marriage Marriage!!

Now tel me what laksh shd do….???

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