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What Mr laksh Maheshwari u invite us to party but here wat u have done u simply wasting our time…?? V never think ur daughter can lie dis type she told she will show her mother but where is she…,, such a disgusting family,,stop it unty ji I never lied my mom is Thier she will come if u want i can show her pic wait she went to room,,

Here ragini tensed OMG I. M late still in half way how can I so lazy I should speed up she speed d bike? while crossing one bike dash her bike, her bike just collapsed###ouchhh she falls down cake too falls on d ground,,,

Payal went to her room she see photo frame but in tat only her father photo is Thier her mother photo is not Thier then she think she kept in book she searches Thier she can’t find Thier too she search in drawer, self, in her room everywhere she can’t find anywhere then she thought her papa or grandparents have taken I have to ask them she comes to hall c all faces..Papa dada dadi did u take ma photo…??
No Payal v didn’t take her photo y wat happen do u c everywhere..said by dada dadi《《papa u c ma photo… Payal don’t irritates me y should I c her or take her photo I don’t have work to do….??

Now stop dis family drama u all act very well!!! Such a disgusting family nonsense pupil especially u Payal u act so well ur such a lier hey veena don’t make friendship with her such a lier she is..?motherless child?no unty pls don’t say like tat I have a mother I don’t know where my mother photo went I keep in dis frame only( she show d frame)…it’s enough payal be limits to ur lie…?? I thought ur a good child but ur lier I think ur mind is not proper Mr laksh pls show to some good doctor said one of d parent! ! Stop it madam ji thank u for ur concern u may all go now I know how much u care for my daughter v know wat to do..with angry all start to move??‍♀??‍♀

Payal c because of ur foolishness v hv to hear bad words from others said laksh
K now cut d cake ###

Payal see d cake with tears??she took d knife with anger and smash d cake and throw it i hate u all don’t talk with me with anger she moves to room!!!

Someone put hand on rag shoulder ragini see him u idiot u make me fall on d bike can’t u have eyes
Hehehe??ragini c how I dash u said by nikhil, anyways sorry princess I saw u ur going in scooty so I thought to dash u but ur week c how u fell down,, stop it nikhil now give ur hand c how my hand hurted he give his hand and gets up.she beat him u idiot prince because of u my plan hv wasted c tat cake how it spoil shet !! Now how can go??‍♀.hey princess do u know y I came here…?
Rag: y
Nik: do u know our engagement is in two days means our engagement date is fixed I. M so happy princess
Rag: wow it’s really good news I’m so happy u know, but u prince u spoil my gift now wat can I gift to my friend..
Nik : friend which friend wat gift between where u going u didn’t tell me.
Rag: prince actually my close friend birthday so I m going but u spoil my gift now wat can I gift to her moreover c my saree how can I go dis like
Nik : princess no worry u can go to party other time u can gift when u meet her now v should enjoy d news in few days v r going to marry v should enjoy leave ur tension aside let’s celebrate

Rag: but nikhil
Nik: now no but ur coming along with me vr going to dinner lats it u park ur scooty Thier when v come back u can go with ur come with my bike ….?? Without any words she go with bike..

She look backwards and c d cake on road and feels bad sorry payal I. M really so sorry next time I will meet u surely..?? ( I know nikhil u don’t like children if I say I. M going to birthday of someone u feel bad so I didn’t inform u so I lie to u with so much love I bring dis cake but I. M unlucky I can’t wish tat child feeling so bad of myself)

Precap: Payal met with accident laksh promise to marry unknown girl….??

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  1. nice but plzz raglak marriage with forcefully for payal

    1. Divyashankar

      Hey Dr I promise after 4 episode I will marry them soon they face off

  2. Feeling bad for payal

  3. Jazzy

    when they will meet????

    1. Divyashankar

      Tats surprise wait for 4 episode

  4. Superb

  5. Waiting 4 raglak meet

    1. Divyashankar

      Soon they will face off

  6. Soo nice
    Feeling bad for payal

  7. Asra

    awesome dear….omg when their face off dear…waiting for that….tkcr dear…

  8. Ragz_teju


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