Hi how r u hope u all fine dis is my new ff keep reading I wrote 7 Os 2 ff but dis is d first ff on LAKSH MAHESHWARI hope u like it


” Mother is one who give unconditional love, her love is undefined,her care which she shows is unexplained d love which she give to his child which cant given by others a mother is a mother which “last forever” her genuine place or her position can’t change in baby’s heart because a mother keep her baby for 9 months with so much pain suffer she gives birth..a mother and baby relationship v can’t explain with words so only v say God cannot present everywhere so only he create one God tat is MOTHER….??but in dis story a man cannot give birth but also he looks her daughter as a mother without any labour pain, stress or storm he become a mother to dis little daughter.payal is a girl child of age 5 years…his love is payal his dream is payal his care is payal his life is payal without payal he is nothing who is he…..??

He is none other than payal beloved father laksh maheshwari..when payal is in small age her mother left her on tat time onwards laksh looks payal with so much care he give everything to her..even laksh doesn’t have parents her grandparents is everything payal is favourite child for them..they staying together.but as day going payal humble towards her mother increase every child wish to c her mother when a baby born his first humbleness to c her beloved mother a mother and baby relation cannot be seperated like wise payal dream to c her mother like other children she want to sleep in her mother lap..and she want to play with her she want to taste her mother dish..she have to drop her to school..she has to be her best mother in d world..she ask her papa , papa how my mother look she is tall like my friend veena mom or short like shruti mom..she wear selwar or saree..she is fat or thin and she is white or black tell me papa how is look….??

Laksh pov

O God wat should I say to my daughter question I have given everything to her but I don’t know wheather any deffect in my care how can say to my daughter tat her mother left me and throw dis child..has a burden for her how much I loved her in return she give me pain and today I. M leaving because of my daughter payal in dis instant if she ask my life I can give her but only thing she ask is his mother but with heavy heart my friend give me one dead photo frame today I. M showing tat pic to my daughter i don’t know tat I. M doing good or bad d only thing is I want my daughter happiness…

Pov ends…

Papa papa tel papa how my mother look, with heavy heart he gives photo payal soon takes tat frame touch her mother face and says papa mumma is superb cute awesome papa wats her name papa….??
Soon he thinks something


Laksh deeply thinking in office..his friend karthik shakes him hey lucky wat u thinking man
Lucky: nothing karthik
Karthik : tell lucky I. M ur friend know y to hide ur feelings
Lucky : as u know my payal daily asking for her mother how she looks tat dis etc by giving reply only i hv tensed wheather I should loss my child..u only say wat I have not done to her I have given everything to her but she is insulting me insulting my feeling daily asking 100 questions and killing me..wat should I do tel me..
Karthik : o mother problem nothing if u marry any one she will get mother tats it.
Laksh give heavy look karthik be serious it’s not time to joke..
Karthik hey sorry just kidding now exactly wat payal asking a mother or a her pic.Lucky replied she asking her pic..
Karthik :k evening u will get pic k..
Lucky : what whose pic don’t want anything
Karthik : don’t worry dis matter u leave to me..

In evening
Lucky take dis photo now without any tension u give dis to her and no worry she wont disturb u..because she was died..I hope died body won’t get new life to disturb dis smart man….without delay u go and show to her she is her mother…..??
Lucky says my heart says I. M cheating my daughter but for my daughter happiness I hv to do it thank u karthik. .
Hey lucky between us y dis formalities yar payal my daughter too..k karthik I will move now as I told today I will show her mother pic she is waiting so I. M going man..hey by d way what’s dis girl name means dis dead girl name..karthik replies—–>>>> HER NAME IS __________________?????

friends please quessing what’s her name really she died or not..? if not what happens….??? Keep thinking


I dam promise till today I read 1000+ plus fiction u didn’t read dis type story it’s just extra ordinary if u feel bored tel me I will stop here itself or else i will end has OS…I HAVE TO STUDY FOR MY PDO and SI exams so now tc bye friends??

Sorry for mistakes please forgive me

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    it’s amazing… loved it please continue

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    Yes dr u r absolutely r8 ,i had nver read dis type of story!!!words r less to praise ur creativity…wt an unique story yaar superbbb!!!laksh is shown amaznglyy here..awww!!pooor child,her mother left her !!m curious to know y her mother left her n whose pic ws dat???!bt i jst hope its a raglak story orelse i couldnt able to cont.. it !!!!waitng super eagerly for nxt part…keeep rockng n stay blesssed dr 😉 😉 😉

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    Nice I think it is Ragini

  7. Awesome and I think it must be ragini

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    Thank u friends for ur lovely comments keep reading dr

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