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After operation Payal gets consciousness ma ma soon lucky comes to her Payal open ur eyes she slowly open her eyes??
sorry Payal I. M really so sorry I didn’t understand ur love towards ur mother I. M really bad father who doesn’t understand her child happiness but I promise u I won’t disobey u here afterwards…
Pay: papa really
Not only tat Payal ur papa agree to bring back ur mother he promised us said by Payal dada dadi
Papa really,S Payal I. M ready to do whatever!!! for ur happiness but u should promise me?? u won’t leave me? he cried promise me Payal
Paya: she rub his tears papa I promise u I never leave u..
Lak: Payal without u I can’t leave beta ur everything to me and hug her child and kiss her forehead Payal touches his forehead papa wat is dis wound pa.
Lak touches his wound tats nothing beti then she kisses his father wound papa don’t worry I will take care u papa I love you// I love u too Payal then they both hug each other! !!

Here ragnik engagement done successfully has Nik is d only son they thought to do marriage in royal way and marriage is on next week…??( I don’t want to make u bored so I. M not elaborating )

Day by day Payal improving from her wound she is discharge from hospital lak also feels so happy nowadays Payal not asking her mother too..she is completely k now ..later one day karthik comes to lak house

Hi Payal how r u..fine uncle how r u i too fine beti then where is lak papa…??, I. M here only said lucky..hey lucky now how is ur health man..i.m k karthik
Between do u know our boss son marriage has fixed boss ask u many times and told me to invite to his son marriage he has called u many times but ur in hospital so u didn’t receive it so he send invitation to all staff I don’t know it comes or wat even i got invitation yesterday but I didn’t c because i can’t attend to marriage my mom is not well so I have to go to my village if u free u can go moreover ur health is good know even Payal has recover if u all go boss also feel happy Payal also c new place her mind also will fresh..ya ur rite karthik k I will go surely even boss feel happy if I. M Thier v already missed engagement hope v go for marriage atleast then by d way where is d venue
Kar :it’s in palace ground I think by d way lucky I have to go now I have to catch d train bye he moves

Lucky tells everyone be ready tomorrow vr going to my boss son marriage!!!

Precap: Marriage Marriage Marriage????????????

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  1. nice but where is face off and whose marriage ragnikcloser no plzz make it raglak

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      Hey Dr I have updated please read it u will know wat will happen next

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