Friends please wait suddenly I can’t make them together story need appropriate time u wait 3 episode ur raglak face off pakka moreover I. M updating 2 updates daily so pls give ur comments….?? I hv updated 12the part before only pls read tat too…?? If I get good response I will update next part or else next week only

Let’s begin

Lucky soon rush to xyz hospital dada dadi where is my child where is my Payal
Lucky Payal is in ICU wat u mean my child is in ICU he took dada dadi hand and start to beat himself it’s because of me my Payal is in ICU it’s because of me,, I. M bad father to her who always make angry with her who cannot fulfill her wish I. M cruel he start to beat more beat me dada dadi!! Stop it lucky stop it because of ur attitude angry today Payal suffering v told u know to bring her mother but u didn’t obey us,, but instead u did mistake showing other photo now Payal need tat photo girl she think she is her MOTHER!!!

But dada dadi she is died how can I bring tat dead girl
No lucky she is alive!! Said dada.
Wat u saying dada s lucky tat day I saw her in Temple even I invite to payal birthday to give Payal surprise but I don’t know y she don’t come on tat day..if u promise me ,,v wil marry u to tat girl..i can search her make u together!! Dada for my daughter sake for her happy I. M ready to do whatever even I. M ready to die because she is my each breath for her sake !! Payal is everything,, k dada if tat girl is alive i surely marry her and bring her to home I want my Payal happiness tats it even I’m ready to do anything for her happiness !!!

Doctor comes outside

lucky asks doctor wat happen to my child tel me how is she c Mr now v have to do minor operation after tat operation only v can say how is her condition for tat v need AB+ blood if u bring tat blood fast v can do operation now itself otherwise u should forget ur daughter!! Doctor he hold his collar please don’t say like tat !! I.m sorry I can understand ur situation Mr he leaves I. M sorry doctor Payal is my life dis Bledy life only for her, k Mr arrange blood fast,, actually AB+ is rare blood group so Thier no stack in our hospital….u should search in other blood bank k doctor u do all arrangements I will bring blood soon,, he start to move karthik comes lucky wat is dis man ! Karthik payal k lucky I can understand where u going he tells everything OK u don’t worry I will be here u go bring blood I will manage everything then he leaves

He ask many blood banks no stack of blood then at last he got blood while he bringing one dog comes in front of his bike to avoid dog by slip he falls on ground stone hits his head blood bottle falls down he gets unconscious….??

Here nikhil call to ragini princess do u know tomorrow is our engagement I want to spend each moment with u..when ur with me each moment will be special so can v go outside
Rag : no no nikhil wat u saying tomorrow is our engagement mom want agree to go outside
Nikhil: princess don’t tell anyone only two hours v can come back early please princess I want to c u please dr come na
Rag!k only few minutes tats it
Nikhil : k madamji come fast I. M waiting then he cuts d call ?

Karthik calling continuously to lucky mobile but here lucky falls unconscious at last he open his eyes slowly and in blink eyes he took his mobile hello
Kar:hello lucky where r u,, r u alright
Luck: ya I. M alright tel me y u call
Kar:lucky did u forget blood
Lucky: wat blood ya blood for my Payal he see left side blood full flowing d road~~~~ no omg wat i hv done o my payal blood no nothing shd happen to her
Kar: wat lucky wat u saying tel clearly

(Karthik tat he tel wat happens how he got blood with so much difficulty he got blood now how he spoiled etc )
Oh lucky now wat u will do where u bring blood if v wont get blood v should loss our Payal no karthik u don’t worry I will bring blood if I die also I will save my Payal!! Lucky if u don’t mind I have idea tel karthik tel 100 things I will obey u..
C lucky Payal hv AB+ blood group ur blood group is B+ even dada dadi mine is different blood group I guarantee pakka ur wife must hv AB+ grp blood if u forget all r egos and keep it aside once u go and ask ur WIFE KAVITHA tat her daughter required her blood which she can only save her , pls go and ask lucky
K karthik I will go and ask her….???

Precap: ………???

Friends do u want laksh to bring KAVITHA ;; and do u want her to give blood ;; between where is she….??

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  12. don’t drag kavitha

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    Friends please wait next episode ur doubt will clear

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