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A dead night has varnished a sweet morning entering into Payal room by crying her eyes r bulged lucky feel bad for his deed Payal get up baby
Payal asks papa ma!! did she come…?? with angry Payal it’s enough everything has a limit do u forget yesterday incident please try to remove her name from ur brain please forget her,,Papa!! He interprets k now it’s time to get ready for school she gets up with tears in her eyes??

Dada dadi ask lucky how is Payal now wat she doing
Now she gets up I hope today all problem solved said by lucky
Due to tat photo my Payal is out of my control today onwards no problem after one or two days I will get my old Payal. .??

Wat u mean lucky…?? then don’t tell us tat u take tat girl photo said dada //

S dada ur rite I only take tat photo I fed of mother drama I can’t c my Payal waiting for my mother will come will take out she won’t leave any where it’s bakwas

STOP IT PAPA SAID BY PAYAL s it’s Payal who hears all his words who is completely broken stop it Papa how can u do dis to me..u don’t know tat I love her, she is not only my love, she is my life , Papa how can u think I forget her easily she is not words to forget she is d reason for my breath, I never keep her in my mind!! I keep her frame in my heart she is always lies within my soul my love for her cannot be separated I really hate u Papa ur big lier ?yesterday u made me lier in front of all ??u made ur own daughter a lier !!wat ma have done to u tell me Papa tel me!! Today onwards I never ask u about ma I will only search myself,,

payal wat u saying says laksh, s pa I will search my mother i will make u and ma one it’s my promise! !?
Don’t talk foolish Payal please for Papa sake forget her pls remove her from ur mind !! No Papa I can’t I want my mom i bring her home u don’t worry I make u both one!!then she started to move

Dada dadi says laksh Payal going pls stop her no dada dadi let her go she is not obeying my words y to bother for her //
No lucky pls stop her no dada she will come back how u will u say lucky,, because she don’t have photo to find her, lucky did u forget Payal words she doesn’t keep ragini in her mind she keep her frame in her heart ❤❤a child and a mother relationship cannot separated even God can’t do it..?? lucky pls do something,, dada don’t make me angry ?if u want u go with Payal now leave me alone..??‍♀??‍♀??‍♀

dada dadi wirh fear start to move ??‍♀??‍♀

Here Payal walking on road lifelessly ma I. M coming ur Payal is coming ma I know u and Papa fight so only u not coming to c me na don’t worry I will tell Papa to talk with u ma but where r u ma!!

Here dada dadi searching Payal on d road they c Payal hey Payal stop ma v will also come with u..
Payal thinnks oh dada dadi is coming they r coming to take me to home no dada dadi I won’t come i want to bring my mother she start to run fast !! y u running wait v will also come with u said dada dadi .she didn’t stop she start to move fast. A tuck? coming very speed<< hit Payal!! Payal screams maahhh…..???

her body falls on ground blood flows lively~~~~~

Payal mansion

Beep Beep phone rings hello laksh maheshwari here■■■■■■■ he kept d phone tears flowing in his eyes he breaks down and screams Payaaaaaaalll! !

Precap: ………….??

Definitely raglak face off soon pls wait Dr and thanks for ur continuous support next episode tonight

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