Pavitra Rishta- True love always wins (Epi 1)

Location: India, Mumbai, Desmukh mansion
A young pretty lady comes down the stairs in a yellow long skirt and a pink top. This is Purvi.
Purvi keeps on searching for someone and suddenly she has a smile on her face as if she found the one she has been searching for. A lady is seen in a maroon saree with a broad smile on her face heading towards Purvi. She is Archana.
Purvi takes her blessings and asks her where is Baba. A man dressed up as in a white kurta pyjama comes from behind and says “Main yahan goon beta”. Purvi smiles and takes his blessings. All the three head together towards the Pooja room and they start their morning Pooja of ganpati Bappa .

Location: Canada, Disco
A handsome young man is seen on the dance floor dancing with girls all around him but he still keeps on looking for someone. He is Arjun.
A cute young girl in a pink frock heads towards him with two glasses of wine. She is Ovi.
Arjun: Ovi,where were you I have been looking for since a long time.
Ovi: oh! Relax Arjun I went to get drinks for us. Now hold these. I need to dance too.

Location: Mumbai
Archana: Purvi Aur Manav aap log ab Jake taiyaar hoke aaiye Aur mein nashta laga leti
Purvi and Manav: Theek hain.

Precap: Purvi and Manav are in conference
room. Manav says to Purvi that it is a very important deal and she will have to crack it. Purvi assures him that she would do it and ask him not worry. Manav says that he has promised his buisiness partner and friend Dk that he would crack the deal and asks her to crack it at any cost

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  1. hey dear loved the epsidoe and thanks for writing an ff on purvi and arjun , i am a big fan of them

  2. Thank u to bring purvi n Arjun back. Waiting eagerly for next episode..this one was nice.??

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