Pavitra Rishta, (ehmmbh) introduction


Hi guys. I was a silent reader till now, but i really wanted to write a fan fiction so here it is. This is completely different from pavitra rishta storyline. There will be caracters from ek hazaron mein meri behna hai.
Main characters:
Manav Vadera(Shusant singh rajput): a arrogant, spoiled brat. Loves his brothers alot. A rockstar. Tough. Has a girlfriend named Ovi. Loves his family alot and can do anything for them. 25 years old.

Ankita sharma(ankita lokhande): very fun loving girl. 24 years old. Loves her sisters alot.

Jeevika sharma(Krystal D’Souze): twin sister of Manvi. Ask Ankita for every decision she takes. 22 years old.

Manvi Sharma(Nia Sharma) twin sister of Jeevika. Fun loving, bubbly girl. 22 years old

Viren Vadera(Karan Tracker): wants to become a lawyer. Goes to college. Twin brother of Virat.

Virat Vadera(Kushal Tondon): 1 hour younger than Viren. Loves both of his brothers more than himself. Flirts with every girls he sees.

Annapurna & Durgaprasad: parents of Viren, Virat, Manav. (You can imagine them as ap and dp from Swaragini)

Teju Vadera(Mughda Chapekar): adopted by ap and dp. Doesn’t know that she is adopted. Loves her brothers and admires her parents. 18 years old.

Durga devi and Shiv(you imagine them as any character you want): parents of Manvi, Jeevika, Ankita

Dabba: cousin of manvi, jeevika and, ankita. His parents died in a accident when he was 2 years old. Now 18 years old.

Dadi: manvi jeevika and ankita loves her a lot. Emotional character

Dadaji: viren virat and manav loves him alot but are very scared of him. Strict.

Bua ji: manav can do anything for her. Unmarfied. Mean. Negative.

Sorry if there is any spelling errors. Please comment. I will continue this fan fiction if you guys support me. So please comment so i will know if u guys like it or not.

Credit to: Yamuna

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  1. plzzz countinew…im big fan of virika

  2. Thanks dear. I’ve already submit next episode.

  3. I Love those couples

  4. Plz continue and upload next epi asap

  5. Nice to see ehmmbh once again,,,,waiting for next episode .

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