Pavitra Rishta, (ehmmbh) episode 9 (Last episode)

Hey! I had a question to ask! Do you guys watch qubool hai? If so, then do read azad n mahira (a unique love story). Actually I’ve start a new ff on Qubool and I get so many love and supports there, so I thought to continue that ff and end this. I’m not sad or anything like that. This ff was really close to my heart, so I’m hurt, but oh well. Life goes on. This is my last episode, sorry for all the silent readers to disappoint you. I’m happy and sad at the same time. Do read my other ff tho.

The next morning
Manav wakes and sees Ankita beside his bed crying. He is bit confused, but then realized what he did last night.
Manav: I’m sorry
Ankita: you were drunk
Manav: I didn’t meant to do anything like that. Look Ankita I’m really sorry!
Ankita: you are my husband. You have rights to touch me or do what ever you want. Who am I to stop u?
Manav: ankita…
Ankita left the room crying, while Manav felt guilty.

After 1 month
There is still conflict between Manav and Ankita. Manav had fallen in love with her, so he decides to propose her tonight.
Manav: ankita! Get ready. Lets go out to eat lunch.
Ankita smile and said: alright

In car
Manav: ankita, do you love me?
Ankita: why should I love u? U don’t love me!
Manav: hmm. I dare you to say I love you to me in front of everyone
Ankita: stop the car
Manav: are you serious? I’m sorry
Ankita: stop the car. I will say I love you to you in front on the world.
Manav stopped the car and ankita got out.
Manav: go ahead
Ankita: I’m shy
Manav: girls problem
Ankita: turn around then I will
Manav: fine
Ankita said: I love you…… MANAV!!!!!!!
Manav was happy, but turned around to see why she screamed his name so loud. He was shocked. Bloods were coming out from Ankita’s head. She had got hit by a car.
Ankita. Ma..n..a..manav
Manav ran to her put her in his arms.
Manav: ankita. No you can’t do this you can’t leave me alone. I need you. I will die without. I will call the ambulance.
Ankita: no. I won’t survive. Why do you care so much for me?

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  1. nice….

  2. superb yaar

  3. Nice yar lov u am also reading the ff of mira and azad also dr …

    1. Hy is this the last episode dr feels like aome thing incomplete

    2. Thank you for [email protected] for reading both of my fan fictions. And yes this is the last episode.

  4. Great epi.I am gonna miss this.

  5. Hey i am a silent reader Plzzzzzz this is my humble request don’t end this ff I m a big fan of your ff plzzz don’t end it plz

    1. Thank you so much Bisma for reading my ff, but I will have to end it because I dont get much comments.

  6. Plz don’t end

    1. Thank you Bmani for commenting.

  7. Yes guys. This is the last episode. Sorry for such an tragic ending. I had many other things to show, but I’m busy plus I’ve started to write another ff, so i had to choose one of them to end. therefore i choosed this ff to end it. Actually, I didn’t had time to make it happy ending because this was the last episode, and many ff had happy ending, so I decided to make this ff different than other ones. Thanks to Sara, Snehahari, [email protected], Inu, Bisma, bmanic and all the silent readers. Once again thanks for supporting me and encouraging me. It realy helped alot.

  8. Mouni Godavari

    Why yar please please please continue I’m very big fan of your ff I just love Archana & manav please continue

    1. Thank you so much Mouni Dear. I love your name.

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