Pavitra Rishta, (ehmmbh) episode 8


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The next morning
Ap: ankita beta..can I call you Anu
Ankita: of course ma…you don’t have to ask
Teju: anu bhabhi! What are you going to cook?
Ankita: hmmm. What would you like to eat?
Teju: khir
Ankita: alright.

Ankita went to kitchen and started cooking. Then suddenly she thought about something. After she finished cooking, she called everyone to the dinning table and served them food. Everyone tasted and looked on.
Ankita: how was it?
Ap: achha hai
Dp: haan beta.. Bohut acha hai
Teju: superb Bhabhi
Viren: its so tasty. Jeevika should learn to cook from you
Virat: it’s the tastiest khir, I’ve ever ate. Make it everyday.
Manvi: its sweet just like you
Jeevika: di. If its made by you then everything automatically becomes tasty.
Ankita: how was it Manav?
Manav gives her a angry look, but then composes himself because he doesn’t want anyone else to know about them. Manav: it’s the wor…I mean it’s the best. Bohut acha hai.
Ankita looked at every one and felt bad n sad.
Ankita: I know the khir is not good because I haven’t add sugar in it.
Everyone didn’t knew what to say.
Ankita: please! Don’t do this again. Ma and papa. You had said that I’m like your daughter! Then why are you lying to me?
Ap: anu. Mujhe maaf kardo
Ankita: Ramu kaka! Please get the other khir from the fridge. (Ramu kaka is their servant)

Virika’s room
Viren: jeevika! Why are you so pretty?
Jeevika: viren ji! App bhi na
Viren: give me a kiss
Jeevika: nahi. What if anyone comes?
Viren: let them come
He leaned in closer to her and kissed her. He put her around his arms. lights off.

Manvi was talking with teju and ap when Virat yells Manvi.
Ap: what happen Virat? Are you alright?
Virat: my head is hurting. Manvi, can you bring the medicine to room.
Saying this, he left while Manvi went behind him. She came in the room, but found no one.
Manvi: virat. Virat!! Tum kaha ho?
Virat came from the back and hugged her. He puts his arms around her shoulder and said: lets play bingo
Manvi: virat: you were acting? And wow. Day by day you are getting mischief.
Virat pushed her to the bed. Lights off.

Ankita was folding clothes in her room when Manav suddenly comes in the room drunk. Ankita goes to take care of him.
Ankita: why did you drink?
Manav: sweetheart! Give me what I want
Ankita: Go to sleep. You are drunk!
Manav: I will, but after I get what I want.
He came close to her and tried to get intimate. Ankita yelled: please no. Don’t do it. Please don’t. She tried to push him with her hand, but he hold her hand tightly breaking her bangles.
Manav: sweetheart! Give me a kiss. Common baby! I’m being nice! Don’t force me to be rude!
Ankita tried to run away from the room, but he catches her. Ankita cried miserably. He put her on bed and kissed her on the cheeks, then neck, then lip. He untied her blouse and turned her around (tum hi ho played in the bg) she slowly closed her eyes with full of tears. Lights off.


Credit to: Yamuna

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