Pavitra Rishta, (ehmmbh) episode 7


The episode starts with Viren and virat are discussing about what they should do to decorate the room
Jeevika: stop it! It’s their first night so I won’t let you guys do anything.
Manvi: yes. We will decorated with beautiful flowers.
Viren: that’s why girls are stupid
Manvi: excuse me? Boys are stupid not girls.
Viren: girls are
Manvi: boys are
Jeevika and Virat got irritated by their argument and told them to stop. Teju brings Ankita and Manav there, while others went to their respective room. After everyone leaves, Manav locks the door and turns to see Ankita. Ankita feels bit scared, but composes herself. Manav comes to her and pins her to the wall. She tries to leave, but he puts his shoulder around her. He slowly comes toward her to kiss her. Ankita closes her eyes and blushes.

Manav: you think I will let you go that easilly?
Ankita while smiling: no. Actually. Uhhh
Manav: I will never leave you, no matter how hard you try to get out of this relationship.
Ankita: I want to live a happy life with you. From today, I will listen to you. I love you.
Manav: sweetheart!
Ankita: yes? Mr. Husband
Manav: you wanted to know why I married you right?
Ankita: would you tell me if I say yes?
Manav caresses her cheeks and says: of course I will.
Ankita: tell me!
Manav: I
Ankita: you what?

Manav pushes her to bed and she hits her head really hard. It starts bleeding. Ankita is shocked.
Manav: I married you because I wanted to ruin your life. Remember when we first met, you had slapped me. I would of had forgiven you if Ovi didn’t leave me. Because of your slap, my Ovi left me. You heard me??? MY OVI LEFT ME BECAUSE OF YOU! That day when u had slapped me, Ovi was also there. She thought that she can’t live her life with a guy who gets slapped by middle class girl. She told me to never try to come back to her life again. I tried to stop her, but in vain…she left me (cries). From that day, I had promised to myself that I will take revenge on. After that everything that is happening till now is planned. Ankita is shocked and cries. Manav angrily puts his hand on her hair and drags her across the room. Get out of my room. I will torture you for rest of your life. If you try to divorce me then your sisters will also get divorced. Ankita stands up.
Ankita: I don’t care. I hate you. Just for your stupid revenge, you did all this. The truth is Ovi never loved you.
Manav gives her a tight slap across her face then gets her up by holding her hair and throws her to the balcony. (They had balcony in their room).
Manav: from now on, sleep at the balcony. (angry)
Saying that he storm off and went to sleep.
Ankita cries (kabhi jo badal barse sad version plays in background by shreya ghosal)


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Credit to: Yamuna

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