Pavitra Rishta, (ehmmbh) episode 6


The episode starts with dabba saying the barat came.
Jeevika: Anu de. I’m so excited. The barat came.
Manvi: ha! de. We love you so much. We will never get seperated. Together forever????
Ankita smiles lightly seeing jeeman’s love for her.
Ankita: I love you too, Mannu and Jevu.

Jeevika and Manvi take Ankita downstair. Virat and Viren were keep staring at their lovely wives because they were looking damn beautiful. jeevika and Manvi gets shy.

The pandit starts the mantras. He tells them to stand up and take 7 vows about protecting each, supporting etc. While taking the pheras;

Manav in himself:
1. I will destroy your life.
2. I will never accept you as my wife
3. I promise to ruin your happiness just like you ruined mine
4. We are each others enemy from today, right now itself
5. Though we are married, we will never live like a husband and wife
6. I will leave no stone unturned to torture you
7. I will take my revenge.

Ankita to herself:
1. I will try my best to win your heart.
2. I will never leave you alone.
3. I will always support you no matter what.
4. I got married to you, so I will do all my duties as a wife.
5. No matter what the circumstances is. I won’t doubt on you
6. I will be a shield, always protecting you. Things will have to go through me before reaching you. I won’t let anything happen to you.
7. I promise that I will change you and make you a better person

After pandit finishes the marriage vows, he tells the groom to put mangalsutra on the bride. Finally Manav puts sindoor on her forehead. (Subah vivah plays) They take assirwad(blessing) from the family members. They do the bidai rasham.

Finally they reach their house. Teju stops them at door and ask for money. He gives her and they go in. The ring finding ceremony starts. Both Ankita and Manav find the ring at the same time.
Teju: wow. Both of you will dominate each other. Interesting.
Manav: teju
Teju: bhai
Manav: nobody can dominate over me.
Ankita: I don’t want to.
Manav: what so ever
Ankita: others will hear. Now shut up.
Manav makes a funny face.


Credit to: Yamuna

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