Pavitra Rishta, (ehmmbh) episode 5


Recap: virika’s love story starts. Manvira’s fight. 6 month leap.

Flashback (before six month)
After few weeks, Manvi and Virat’s fight end while Virika’s love story start.

Viren has jeevika in his arms.
Viren: Jeevika I really love you so much. Don’t ever leave me alone. I Will die without you.
Jeevika: never Viren ji. You are my life, my everything
Manvi and Virat are watching this all from behind a tree and are shocked and doesn’t know how to react.
Manvi comes to them and says: wow! Jevu! You loved viren, but you never told me! How rude.
Virat: yes. Actually we should have a double celebration because today was the day when me and Manvi met for the first time and look! What a coincidence! You guys love story also started.
Jeevika: nahi Virat. Out love story stated a month ago.
Minvira in unison: arey wahh.

Manvira and virika are having fun when Manav encounters them hugging each other. He takes a picture of them and sends it to someone. Then he smirks.

Sharma’s house
Manvi and jeevika came back home while Ankita was sleeping. She suddenly gets a call from unknown number. She picks it up and says;
Ankita: hello
Manav: check your inbox on facebook. There’s a surprise for you.
Ankita looks while still on call. The picture was loading.
Manav: 3…2….1… BOOM!
Ankita sees the picture and is shocked seeig Manvi and Jeevika hugging Manav’s brother (viren&virat)
Ankita: aye! Mr!!
Ankita: what do u want?
Manav: I will tell you when time comes.

Few months passed. By that time Ovi had broke up with Manav because she had found someone else who was richer and she shifted to Canada. Manav was heart broken.

Vadera’s mansion
Teju: bhai..please forget Ovi and move on. We always knew that she is behind our money only. She doesn’t care about feelings and emotions.
Viren&virat: yes bhai. Please forget about her.
Manav: call Sharma’s house. We are taking your marriage proposal for Jeevika and Manvi
Viren&Virat get excited and think to give them surprise

After one hour, Vadera’s family reached at Sharma’s house. They talk about marriage proposal. At first DD rejects because she feels Ankita should get married first, but agrees after Ankita assures her that its ok. They get their wedding dates finalized after 3 days. On the wedding day, Virika and Manvira are happy while Ankita is also happy because her sisters got such a loving husband. Suddenly she gets a call from Manav.
Manav: come to “hotel of Peace” in an hour or else your sisters will get divorced before celebrating their suhagraat. Saying this he ended the call.

Ankita had no other option but to go.
Ankita: ma…I have some urgent work. I will come back in few hours.
DD: lekin beta…
Ankita: ma. Its important
DD: more important than you sisters wedding?
Ankita had no words to say, she had tears in her eyes. She left the place without uttering a word while DD was crying.
Ankita to herself: I’m sorry ma but I have to go. I’m doing all this for my jevu and mannu.

Hotel of peace
Ankita: why did you call me?
Manav: so you finally came.
Ankita shouted: what do you want?
Manav: ajj ki raat..matlab. I want to sleep with you for today
Ankita is disgusted by his words. Before she could say anything, Manav puts injection on her which causes her to faint. Manav torned her clothes and takes her in his arm. He gently puts her on bed and takes off his shirt. He slowing takes off all her clothes and kisses on her forehead. It is revealed that there was a hidden camera in the room which he had set up. He leaves her and goes from the hotel. (Nothing such happen between them)

The next morning Ankita wakes up and is shocked. She cries. Just then, Manav comes and laughs on her.
Manav: marry me
Ankita: never
Manav takes out his phone and shows her their intimacy pictures.
Manav: if you don’t marry me then I will post these pictures on social medias. Then you will know what the consequences will be. Your family will be ruined.
Ankita: please! I will do anything you say, but I want to get married with families permission and my family shouldn’t know about all this.
Manav: sweetheart. “We fell in love with each other on the day of Virika’s and Manvira’s wedding. If you give permission then I would like to spend rest of my life with your daughter!” that’s what I will say to your parents after a month. Awesome wala dialogue hai na? (Laughs)
Ankita: i don’t know why you are doing this to me, but I will try my best to adjust and one day. I will change you. This a promise of Ankita Sharma.

Jeevika and manvi comes. Manvi was wearing beautiful, blue and pink lehenga while Jeevika was in a heavy red saree with curly hair. They hand mang teeka on their forehead. They seem really happy as after the wedding the trio would get to live in same house forever. Ankita gives a fake smile.
Dabba: de…de…de..the barat has come!!!!


Credit to: Yamuna

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