Pavitra Rishta, (ehmmbh) episode 4

Ha-ha. I’m back. I had decided to stop writing this fan fiction, but then I realized that if I love doing something then I should continue it. And also I won’t stop writing, if I don’t get comments. Though I would be happy if you guys tell me yours opinion about it. Forget about what I wrote in episode 3. I was being foolish. This episode will continue from episode 2 😉

Manav is mad because Ankita spoiled his clothes and his mood.

Manav: how dare you touch me???? Such a bad parenting. SAY SORRY! It’s not your fault tho…b****y middle class family are like this. All they care about is money.
Ankita: Mr. manav Vadera! I know that you are a big rock star, but doesn’t mean you can say anything to me. And you called me middle class? Have you seen yourself? I may be not rich, but I won’t tolerate if you say anything about my family. I wish I will never see your face again and I feel bad for that girl who is going to be your future wife!
Manav doesn’t know how to react while Ankita runs crying.
Ankita: Manvi, Jeevika lets go from here right now!
Jeevika: but di…
Manvi and jeevika hadn’t seen Ankita like these before, so they quietly go and seat on scooty.

Sharma’s house
Ankita walks towards her room without uttering a word and slams the door.
DD: manvi, whats wrong with Ankita. Is she okay?
Manvi and jeevika: we don’t know what happen. I think we should give her some alone time.
At night Ankita is thinking about what Manav said to her and falls asleep.

Vadera’s house
Manav is drunk and comes home hugging Ovi. All the family members are shocked.
Ap: beta…and starts crying
After manav leaves to his room. Dp sends Ovi to her house.
Dp: everyone go to sleep!

Virika (viren&jeevika) on call
Viren: jeevika, I don’t know what happen to bhai…he is not the same anymore.
Jeevika: viren ji. Its ok. It happens. Everyone does mistake but Manav Bhaiya shouldn’t have talked to di like that.
Viren: I’m really sorry Jeevika. I need to tell you something.
Jeevika: haa. Boliye
Viren: jeevika…i…i…lo…I love you. (Cries)
Jeevika: viren ji…i love you 2. (Gets happy that her crush loves her, but is sad at the same time because Ankita is sad)
Viren and Jeevika talk all night (virika tune plays)

Manvira (manvi&virat) on call
Manvi: how dare your brother talks to my sister like that? What does he think of himself!!!!! (Angry)
Virat: I admit that he did wrong, but you’re sister is not a sati savatri either.
Manvi: how dare you say that about my sister! You know what? Bye.
Virat: yea yea yea. I’m not going to waste my time! BYE! (manvira’s Sad tune plays)

The next morning, Ankita wakes up and wears a beautiful, green and blue salwar kameez with her hair straight.
Jeevika&Manvi: goodmorning di (smiles)
The trio have a hug.

6 month leap
Ankita is seen wearing a red lehenga with heavy jewelries and mehendi on her hands. She had tears on her eyes. She slowly got her hand up and it had written “MANAV” on her mehendi. She remembered the moment when she had told Manav that she feels bad for his wife. She feels pity on herself. She walks toward the window and cries miserably.
Ankita: I hate you Manav. I Really hate you. Why did you do this to me? Why? God!! Why me?? I DON’T WANT TO GET MARRIED TO YOU. YOU BLACKMAILED ME?.???? today, I will have to marry a guy who I hate the most.


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