Pavitra Rishta, (ehmmbh) episode 3


Guys I’m really sorry that I couldn’t entertain you all. I tried my best but I guess it didn’t work. I barely get any comments so I guess no one reads my ff. I’m ending this fan fiction because I’m really hurt. Thanks to Hayathi, Kesab, Priya, Tara, and Tamanna for reading and commenting. I really appreciate. Once again thanks to silent readers(if there was any). ?. This is my last episode.

Here is how the story goes. Virat and Manvi already love each other, and somehow they find out that Jeevika and Viren love each other. They try their best to make them together and finally viren proposes to Jeevika for which she happily agrees. On the other hand, Ankita learns the truth about Ovi that she is behind Manav’s money only, so she try her best to convince Manav to leave Ovi. Manav acts like he got bankrupt to see if Ovi will support him or not. On learning the truth that Manav is not rich as before anymore she leaves him. Ankita comes to console him and seeing Ankita’s concern for Manav, vadera’s family decide to get them two married. All three couples; manan, Virika and manat get married on the same day. At first Ankita and manav don’t love each other, but later they start to fall for one another. In between they share some cute nok jhok between them. Dabba and Teju also started to like each other by that time. The fan fiction ends with anjeema getting pregnant.

This doesn’t relate to my story line at all, but I decided that this will be my last episode because I didn’t got any support from anyone. I would write my original storyline, but since it was long, I decided not to. Thanks to all of you guys.

Credit to: Yamuna

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  1. And a big thanks to Medhavi. Sorry I saw your comment after i submit this episode

  2. hey, yamuna sis, don’t do like this please, I m a silent reader, trust me, your story is awesome. you cannot do this. then about comments, you please don’t care about who reads or who comments. you just post them. surely your efforts will be rewarded. pls trust me. 🙂

    1. Awe 🙂 thats so sweet of you, Aruna. I thought to end this fan fiction, but seeing your comment, i will give it a thought about continuing from episode 2. Actually I’m really insecure about comments, and since i dont get any comments, I feel like nobody reads my ff.

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