Pavitra Rishta, (ehmmbh) episode 2


Guys I Have decided to name Ankita, Jeevika and Manvi to Anjema and Manav, viren and virat to Manvira. If you guys don’t like it then feel free to suggest a name for them. Also I set DD for Durga Devi in shortcut.

Sharma’s house
Ankita tells Manvi and Jeevika about the concert. They all think a plan about how to convince mom and dad for permission.
Anjema goes to DD&Shiv.
Anjema in unison: please! Mom and dad! Can we please, please, please go to the concert at 6pm????
DD: NO. You guys aren’t going anywhere.
Ankita: but ma….
DD: My decision is final!
Shiv: Durga! Please let them go. It’s time for them to enjoy. Manvi, jeevika and Ankita! You guys can go.
Anjeema scream in hapiness and hug Shiv
DD: yea yea! Spoil them more!!!!

A lady is seen wearing a short black dress and walking toward a big house. The girl was Ovi (she is Manav’s girlfriend)
Vadera’s Mansion
Ovi: hi guys…how’s everyone doing?
Teju: oh my god! She came again! Sar dard.
Ap: teju, you are talking too much these days.
Dp: I’m going to meet my old friend. Don’t wait for me. I will come tomorrow.
Dp leaves. Actually no one in the Vadera’s house likes Ovi except Bua ji.
Bua ji: ovi…tum aa gayi? Chalo shopping ke liye!

Anjema reached the concert. Someone comes and spills drink on Ankita. She excuses herself and goes to washroom. While on the way, she collides with a guy, who was charming, handsome, hot, cute and everything a girl would dream of.
He yells: how dare you collide with Manav Vadera!!! Do you even know who I am and what I can do with a girl like you? B****y middle class!!
Ankita to herself: devi ma! Please save me!

The episode ends with Manav’s angry and Ankita’s scared face.


Credit to: Yamuna

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